Poyan Asgari - “Mahroo”

Avaye Mandegar (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Before I start with the review I want to let you guys know that we have just started with a new feature in the review section! And that is the opportunity for you my dear reader to rate the albums and thereby let the artists know what “you” as a consumer and listener think about their work! Hopefully your vote, along with my words, will provide the industry with a broad and solid feedback to depart from and work with in their forthcoming projects! Alright now lets get on with the review, shall we? Poyan Asgari has created his debut album “Mahroo” with a help from Mehdi Zanganeh, Raha Shayan and Payam T. The album features 9 tracks and is released on Avaye Mandegar.

The album opens with “Atre To”, an upbeat song a la Omid. The song is well-produced and well-preformed with a nice shift from the opening “aavaaz” to the actual song!

Followed up by a BANDARI fare called “Dore Zamoone”. The song is interesting in its way of combining RETRO style with a PROGRESSIVE approach! Very nice indeed!

The same unique combination appears in “Bi Shileh”, a HI-NRG fare with a mild touch of JUNGLE and ROCK! The song could do better with a more underpinned chorus in lack of harmonies and heavy bass-line, but overall a good song.

“Haadese” is the first ballad on the collection, a Retro-ROMANTIC serenade. The song seems cut out for a theme song on some television series! As “undefined” as the most retro-ROMANTIC vignette of IRIB songs often are!

The Turko-ARABESQUE nature of “Shahre Aarezohaa” is heard almost immediately! The song musically well-produced, lacks a defined structure and therefore also a commercial appeal!

Next comes the title-track, a LATIN-inspired ballad with a strong Turko-ARABESQUE overtone! “Mahroo” brings Saeid Shahrooz’ songs to mind.

Well, the album seems to have shifted over completely to the ARABESQUE musicality! “Aasheghet Manam” is of a more southern ARABESQUE nature with a more CABARET twist!

Speaking of CABARET, a KOOCHE BAAZAARI song called “Cheshme Maa Roshan” confirms the argument!

And by now not so surprisingly comes an ARABESQUE/RELIGIOUS POP ballad as the dampening finale! “Yaade Shahidaan” is as the title suggests a tribute to the martyrs!

The album started off VERY promising, but as it progressed it also regressed in style and production quality! Taking back all its promises of an innovative and progressive album. Soon enough Poyan revealed his true colour and the opening segments were proved as mere commercial camouflage! Still I like Poyan’s voice. And to be fair it does suit all styles presented on the album, old and new!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: ---
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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