Frazad Sadeghi - “Lahzeye Aasheghi”

Navaye Ramsheh (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Farzad Sadeghi’s debut album entitled “Lahzeye Aasheghi” is a collaboration with Maziar Atarian and Behrouz Aliari. The album features 8 songs and is released on the indefinitely banned Navaye Ramsheh!

The opener called “Hediye” is a PROG POP/Persian TECHNO fusion with a leaning towards the former, unfortunately! The song lacks the boost that it needs in order to properly take off.

Next comes “Raahe Royaayi”, a rather interesting blend of PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE and Electro-POP! But just like the opener this song too lacks that jolt of a HIT!

“Lahzeye Aasheghi”, the epic title-track opens dramatically with a classic orchestration! A bit pretentious and MUSICAL inspired the song comes as a difficultly digested piece! Should have been placed last on the track-listing.

And as a full-blooded Persian TECHNO comes “Booye Baroon” which enjoys a hint of the Yaghmaee-style in its flow but with a rather obsolete arrangement of a quality delivered half a decade ago!

POWER POP, also this genre in its rather obsolete edition is embodied in “Mikhaam Tanhaa Baasham”!

Next comes “Ki Gofte Bood”, a song which starts off promisingly but develops into a dry piece of old 2-paced PROG POP a la 1990’s Shahrum Kashani!

And to top the pile of old news a mushy and unengaging ballad called “Mehmoone Nakhoonde” is served …the Christian Morning TV style bridge is THE nail in the coffin for me!

Finally comes a duet with someone, whom we do not get to know, as another obsolete and unengaging dish, this time with pseudo ROCK spices!

Frazad Sadeghi’s debut is an OBSOLETE and UNENGAGING collection of songs that should have been released half a decade ago in order to sound remotely decent! There is basically no other words to describe it! Buy it at own risk!

Overall Performance: --
Artistic Ambition: --
Commercial Potential: --
Technical Quality: -
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: ++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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