Mahdi Moghadam - “Tsunami”

Navaye Ramsheh (Iran)
2007 (1386)

Although Mehdi Moghadam’s “Khoonsard” was a solid and successful debut his real breakthrough came via the release of his “gheire mojaaz” songs on the internet by the featured rapper Ali “Zanyar” Sigari in north America. The same songs were however also the reason why the release of the follow up was postponed, since Ershaad refused to give him and his black-marked company Navaye Ramsheh (locked down later due to the illegal broadcasting of videos on the label’s TV-station “Iran Music”) a permit. After almost two years the rap segments were excluded from the tracks which led to a legal release of a modified version of the leaked album “Tsunami” on the re-opened record company. Its not clear in the credits whether its Moghadam himself or Payam Shams who has composed most of the songs on the album with exceptions by Nima Khalaj and Shervin Sohrabian. For the lyrics stand Soheila Assadi, Taraneh Mokaram, Yaha Kashani, Mahdiyeh Arab, Nima Khalaj and Shervin Sohrabian. “Tsunami” features 11 tracks of which one is instrumental.

The album opens 6/8 with the title-track “Tsunami”. Except for the excluded RAP segment by Sigari this song is the same as the original! It’s a well-produced POWER POP song which has already stood the test of the market! An obvious HIT and FLOORFILLER!!

Its no secret that Mehdi has been influenced by Siavash Shams in his style and ornamentation! And “Kheili Bad Shod” proves that with its 80’s Farokh Ahi inspired arrangement. The Retro-POP song is altered from a previous version with far more boost than this! It’s a pity that the full potential of the song hasn’t been realised.

A further proof of the Siavash-orientation in Mehdi’s music is “Baraaye Aakharin Baar”. This one however fully realised in terms of potential! Another Retro-POP tune with subtle R&B vibe and a soothing hint of BLUES. One of the oldest songs on the album and also one of its stronger specimens!

An enhanced and RAP-free version of the HIT “Bass” is on the menu! The LASER DANCE/PROGRESSIVE HOUSE fare does strangely enough suffer the absence of Ali Sigari’s touch here! I never thought I would actually miss a RAP segment in a song, least of all in a CLUB song!!

Now again back to the 80’s and not only in a Siavash Shams/Farokh Ahi musical style but also theme-wise with “Aab, Baabaa“. To sing such mournful songs in loving memory of dead fathers on the orphan child’s behalf (just to make it even more heartburning!) was broadly exercised two decades ago as the art of persuasion in the Iran-Iraq war era! Notice the marching rhythm towards the end of the song turning it into an anthem! Such a misplaced song on this album!

Finally time for Mehdi Moghadam to rip-off a song! The samples song in question is KITARO’s decades old masterpiece “The Silk Road Theme”! If only it had been credited for, otherwise one of the best songs on the album! “Eshghe Man” is dewy-fresh and uplifting, perfect for the weekend mornings to wake up to!

“Shafaa” is a so called healing ballad for the broken-hearted! The song is soothing and positively with less musical references than its predecessors!

No its not BLACK CATS’ new song you’re hearing! But rather Mehdi’s attempt to a BC-inspired song with the BHANGRA and LATIN influences. The song is rather catchy except for it monotonous chorus which halts the melodious flow!

The strongest and most experimental song arrangement-wise is “Talaafi” with its free yet balanced blend and fusion of styles and genres! Eastern, Western, OLD-SCHOOL, NEW-SCHOOL! Unfortunately the core and composition of the song doesn’t enjoy the same quality as the whole production!

One of the mistakes on this album has been to replace the Persian POP/R&B/BLUES version of the HIT “Mimiram Baraash” with a Euro-HOUSE remix of it! I wish they had at least included the early version or even the unplugged version as a BONUS track since most people will be buying the album for that single song! As much as I’m into this brand of CLUB MUSIC this just doesn’t sound thought-through!

The album finishes off with a nice instrumental LASER DANCE/Euro-NRG track called “Triton”.

If you’ve heard the illegal versions of the songs modified here (if you haven’t you don’t need to go far, just check our music section) you surely agree with me that the official and legal “Tsunami” is nothing but a pale copy and shadow of its former self! And it doesn’t really help the case to know that some of the revisions and amendments have been conducted voluntarily and without a pressure from Ershaad! Yes, everything gone hand in hand it has helped to make Mehdi Moghadam’s highly anticipated album to something of a disappointment. Even though it’s a decent collection per se its simply not what we were expecting! Long gone are the fresh and innovative Persian POP/R&B/BLUES fusions promising a progressive and revolutionary album, instead there are mere demoded and degraded leftovers that are reminders of a bitter reality!

All in all the legal “Tsunami” is the result of both misfortunes and miscalculations and if it wasn’t for a couple of lifelines here and there it would have flopped in comparison to the huge HIT which the illegal “Tsunami” became!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: --
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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