Reza Yazdani- ”Parande bi Parande”

Darinoush (Iran)
2003 (1382)

After the tremendous success of the “Shahre Del”-project, Reza Yazdani has returned with a more independent album “Parande bi Parande”! It is an album composed entirely by Reza himself and arranged by Hamid Reza Sadri!!! For the lyrical content of the album stands no one less than Yaghma Golrooyi!!! One of the most talented and sensitive-minded lyricists inside the country!!! “Parande bi Parande” holds 15 pieces altogether, and is released by the legendary Darinoush!!!

Darinoush is the once Book-publisher that years ago branched out as a record label!! It is the home of some of the most talented and popular contemporary poets of our country!!! When it comes to literature-based audio-productions, Darinouh has been a pioneer, with its modern and creative fusion of music and poetry!! The label has previously produced and released many unique and successful albums by some of today’s prominent poets! Poets such as S. Ali Salehi (“Naameha”) and Maryam Heydarzadeh (“Kasi ke Mesle Hichkas Nist”)!!!

Like the beautiful and unconventional works of Pink Floyd, this album too is not a collection of independent and separate songs, in the merely commercial and traditional format!! But rather an anthology of chronologically related and linked pieces of various lengths, that morph into each other! Like a handmade necklace of tales and melodies! An attempt to distinguish each piece from the other by disconnecting it from its dependant relatives would be like examining the significance of each part of a body without paying attention to its anatomical context and whole!!! Therefore, because of the composition and structure of this creation, it is simply not possible for me to review “Parande bi Parande” within the usual and standard format of my reviews!!! Instead, this review will be somewhat different in terms of shape and context, but hopefully equally informative!!

Reza Yazdani is a post-modern narrator,… an authentic “URBAN BARD”!!! And his neo-bohemian “Parande bi Parande” is an eccentric ROCK-creation!! It is extremely innovative and different!!!…it sounds FRESH and UNIQUE!!! But the fact is that it is not based on a previously-untested formula!! Not only is it heavily influenced by Jim Morrison’s “the DOORS” and the psychedelic ROCK-music of the late 60s/ early 70s, but it is also a direct continuation of the works of the late Farhad, Fereydoon Foroughi and the 90s’ XENO (the project of Hamid)!!!

The musical frame of the album is rather simple!! It builds around the usual drum & guitar-based traditional ROCK of the 80s! With occasional influences from both REGGAE and POP!! Instead, the distinguishing factor lays in its lyrical settings!!! By writing about the careless and irresponsible High-Society kids of Jordan St., the less fortunate ones of the DOWN TOWN-Tehran or the secret rendezvous at the legendary “Kaafe Naaderi”!!…A lyricist’s love for the female artist, whose voice is banned!!! …The childhood memories of “Laalezaar”, the “Baabaa Noon Nadaad” in the classroom and the lost legends of “Shahre Ghesse”, Yaghma Golrooyi draws upon the symbolic, nostalgic and socio-critical styles of the NEW WAVE- tradition, with acclaimed representatives such as Shahyar Ghanbari and the late Bijan Mofid!!! Yaghma even declaims his poems sporadically throughout the entire album, and by that balances Reza’s deep voice and artistically aggressive tone with his own warm and mellow voice!!!

In order to get a hint of the album’s style and spirit I quote some of it’s lyrics:

“Vaghti ke gaaz midi baa maashine baabaa-joon tooye sarbaalayiye Jordan,…baa moohaaye charb o ghiaafeye daaghoon, ye sigaar konje labet roshan,…vaghti ke ba toop-tishe sedaaye zabtet kar mishe gooshe jamaa’at,…vaghti ke noore baalaaye cheraaghet mizane cheshmaro raahat,…fekre bachehaaye jonoobe shahr bash ke ye loghme noon nadaran,…fekre javoonaaye dar-be-dar bash ke ye omre bi gharaarand,…”

Reza Yazdani’s new project is a very interesting work of art!!! It really can’t be described in words!!! You HAVE TO listen to it for yourself!! Piece by piece, in order to understand what I am talking about!!! You might LOVE,…or even HATE it!! But it wont let you go UNTOUCHED!!! If not anything, is “Parande bi Parande” a unique and extraordinary musical EXPERIENCE!!! You’ll be AMAZED!! TRUST ME!!

To me, Reza Yazdani is Iran’s answer to the former Pink Floyd-member Roger Waters!! His eccentric overtone and critical undertone indicate the evolution of the Iranian “Musique Noir”!! If the Iranian ROCK-genre manages to establish itself solidly, once and for all, Reza will definitely be one of its cherished ICONs, with his own frenetic “moosh pit” in an Iranian equivalent to the WOOD STOCK-festival!!!


- Jordan
- Sher Khaani in Roozaa…
- Gheyre Mojaaz
- Kaafe Naaderi
- Shabname Bidaari
- Yeki Nabood
- Sher Khaani yeki Rafte Bood…
- Parande bi Parande
- Sherkhaanie Ghoroobaa
- Marsie Aasheghaaneas
- Aavaze Koochebaaghi…
- Laalezaar
- BiBie Hezaar Setaare
- Note Aakhar
- Namaayesh

Review by: Pourya E.

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