Bita - “Shekaayat”

Avang Music Co.
2007 (1386)

All publicity is good publicity? Well at least it seems to be what Bita and her management count on! Ever since her debut there has been nothing other than controversies surrounding this software engineer gone singer/entertainer! Everything from her sexy image to her comments in media have provoked people out there. Discovered and managed by the guitarist Reza Mahjoub, Bita's debut album "Shekaayat" is composed and arranged by the manager himself and features lyrics by renowned lyricists such as Shahyar Ghanbari, Homayoun Hoshiarnejad, Bijan Saeidi and Mahin Abadani. With ten tracks the album is released on Avang Music Co.

The album opens with an NRG song spiced with the signature guitar of Reza Mahjoub, a guitar which will resonate throughout the album. "Mesle Man" is a nice song with a nice RETRO vibe, especially around the bridge.

Next comes my favourite song on the album! "Yaadam Raft" is another song with that RETRO vibe and takes back both to the 70's and 80's! Love this smooth song in which Bita's song fits perfectly.

Now to where things officially started, the song "Gonaah"! To having Bita "dancing" in this video was a mistake, but the biggest mistake was to release this song, one of the weakest on the album, as the first video! Because from beginning to end it does nothing other than disserving the singer! Very rigid and unflattering!

Time for Mahjoub to get back to his roots with the GITANO-oriented title-track "Shekaayat". Very 80's and early 90's. Reminiscent of Shiva's "Dozde Del" album!

Continuing in the same guitar-led path, "Hads Bezan" is a song with a similar vibe and 80's flavour.

Even though adding a little bit of a ROCK to the road its not hard to pass by "Az To Oboor Mikonam"! The album is starting to sound a bit monotonous and repetitive by now!

Not falling too far from the tree the BALLAD of the album is a 70's style of ballad. Old-school ADULT CONTEMPORARY!

ETHNO and ROCK meeting up in the JUNGLE! "Delam Nemikhaad Toro" is the closest we come to experimentation on this rather unmodern album! I like the result, pity that it stops here!

"Nafase" is a mid-tempo song in the album's guitar-drive fashion. Another favourite of mine, really enjoy Bita's voice in such settings!

The album wraps up with an instrumental version of "Mesle Man".

Its politically incorrect to like Bita! And much of this public hostility has been caused by the Bita camp themselves! Why "camp" you might ask, well as the record shows there is someone or a group who bombards every forum that might discuss Bita with embarrassing glorifications while dissing other contemporary female artists such as Sepideh in a strange counter-attack! Creating chaos, even on youtube! At the same time her management has acted inconsistently towards the media, submitting material and asking for their removal (the reason why we have decided not to stream her album in the review)! To cut a long story short these so called fans have fanatically antagonised the public opinion against Bita. "Doostie Khaale Kherse" defined! While a little subtlety and room for breathing would have done a much better work to eventually convince. Because Bita as an artist is not completely without potential and if it wasn't for the mob-squad she would have got a chance to positive exposure and acceptance. Bita as a concept however has been roughly planned due to severe commercial miscalculations and as the result Bita as a product is incredibly crude! Her image to start with, because its the main flaw in the package. Her sense of fashion and personal style has raised controversy in the industry and mainly the market! But that's one thing I really support in her career, to dare going against the cultural consensus and stand for what she believes in! As I've always declared my support for female artists who dare to be open and outgoing with their sexuality, especially in the Iranian industry. But as much as I love to see Bita's trimmed and toned body in that plaid outfit or paraded in the other teasing ensembles of the booklet, she doesn't pull off wearing them with the right attitude onscreen! In photos yes, the album package is an eye-candy, but not on video! Not for the music industry at least. Because unlike what many believe sex doesn't "always" sell! not even in the Western industry! And Mariah Carey's sexual emancipation a decade ago proved that, reversed result for some in other words! So what Bita needs to do is to keep her sexy image but combine it with a suitable attitude that puts a positive spin to it! Just like what Sepideh has done. Because as far as the vocal ability goes Bita has potential, the tone of her voice is pleasant and reminds me of the 70's female artists such as Nellie and Dynamique! I really like it! And if improved technically and backed up by stronger and more CURRENT material it can actually sound really good! I really believe that! The music presented on "Shekaayat" is not bad per se, not at all. But it feels underdeveloped from a commercial stand-point and lacks variety of style! So Bita and her debut have got potential, however not when to such dept overshadowed by a rough image and catastrophic marketing! What Bita acutely needs is a creative consultant, and a dance teacher if she intends to continue dancing in her videos!

Yes its politically incorrect to like Bita but to be honest I've never been into political correctness! All I know is that I like Bita, her sensual voice and sexy image indulge my senses. I just wish to see her in more thought-through projects in future, both artistically and commercially!

Note: Thanks to Amir.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +++
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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