Kaveh Yaghmaei - “Sokoote Sard”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2007 (1385)

Kaveh Yaghmaei, the oldest son of Koorosh Yaghmaei, left Iran for Canada after having had his second album, the follow-up to his successful "Matarsak, waiting for a permit from the ministry in more than three years. In Canada he started the new chapter of his career by working with an AMERICANA/Country project, according to his father. Now, a year after he is releasing his sophomore album titled "Sokoote Sard" on the LA-based Taraneh. An album composed and arranged by Kaveh himself and lyrics written by Roozbeh Bemani, Vahid Mirahamadi and Omid Atharinejad. "Sokoote Sard" features 8 tracks.

The album kicks off with "Avalin Harf", a song which's opening promises a more progressive instrumentation that it turns out to be! Still the core of the song is defined with a catchy and climactic chorus! Kaveh has worked with Gray-E Productions for the creative direction of his album and videos and though the album deign isn't particularly eye-catching the video of this song shows a successful collaboration.

"Jaade" is a mid-tempo POP-ROCK song with a happy vibe and UPLIFTING flow. The song is well-arranged and preformed.

Next comes "Saade", another song which starts off rather progressive and promising but loses it along the way by regressing back to the 80's Electro-ROCK!

In an EAGLES-like fashion opens "Mibinamet Hanoozam", a song with an ETHNIC/Native American undertone. A backing performance in Persian by Debbie Low enhances the ethnic flavour of the song through her charming accent!

Despite the Pink Floyd-ian title its QUEEN that seems to be the inspiration to "Nasle Sookhte"! At least when starting, the latter half of the song is an undefined mass/mess of PROGRESSIVE/Alternative ROCK and BLUES!

"Bargard" shows the AMERICANA/Country influences in Kaveh's recent work! The song is like made for those local radio stations that air Country/Christian ROCK on high rotation!

The more experimental side of the album, which surprisingly is kept to a minimum, shows itself in "Tabe Ou"! The result is far from satisfactory but the attempt is appreciated!

"Farib" is an energetic and uplifting song with a RETRO twist. The 80's inspired song puts an end to Kaveh's second album.

I must say that the Bebin.tv interview (check my blog) with Kaveh changed my overall impression of this artist! Coming from a society of pretentious musicians in uptown Tehran, Kaveh's liberal view and open mind regarding today's music and its development goes against the elitism and pessimism which his former colleagues on Barbad Music still harp on! He sounds like an artist who knows who he is and what he wants and intends to actually take advantage of all the new resources and assets that the new world can possibly provide. He is an eclectic artist, with a positive and constructive attitude! However, unfortunately, his "Sokoote Sard" doesn't really match up to his ambitions in the sense that it doesn't deliver anything new! Except for a few "cosmetic" add-ons it sounds even less current than its predecessor "Matarsak" which still today sounds relatively fresh and experimental, especially in comparison to its follow up. Considering the time spent in Canada for preparation and new technical resources available it ought to be more crossbred and progressive than what it is! My only hope is that this in fact is the ill-fated album that was produced four years ago but never released till now, because that way the tangible obsoleteness threading the album can be excused!

“Sokoote Sard” is still a VERY GOOD album which continues the Yaghmaei sound and legacy, but in a more SAFE and harnessed fashion. No daring leaps here! But I still have my hopes high, to hear Kaveh pushing the envelope and shaking the foundation of Iranian ROCK music in his future works. As I've said before our ROCK scene is still under-crowded and that by mostly retro-romantic rock acts who strive backwards instead of forwards! In order for us to take this genre MAINSTREAM we need an energetic and charismatic STAR! Will Kaveh be that ROCK STAR? His music video for "Avalin Harf" certainly promises on his behalf!

Note: thanks to Leila for submitting the album for reviewing!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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