Firoozeh - “Zamoone”

Caltex Records
2007 (1386)

In 1997 a brunette with exotic facial features came to replace Shahrzad Sepanlou in the short-transition period of SILHOUETTT. Together they preformed the theme song for Ali Pourtash's play "Maatik", a song which was later incorporated in "Aroosie To" and sung by Sepideh's line-up of the group. In 2000 news about a solo project was spread in media and an alleged collaboration with Mohamad Moghadam on a forthcoming album. The album never saw the light of day but songs were preformed on NOROOZ SHOWS! In 2003 following the departure of Kamran and Hooman from Black Cats Shahbal put together the "Another Level" line-up of BC which initially also featured Firoozeh and Ramon, performing both on late Mahasty's "Hamishe Sabz". Both however soon left BC for solo careers. Firoozeh was later seen on stage as Siavash Ghomayshi's back-up vocalist and protégé. A collaboration which has now resulted in an entirely new album than the one planned and announced years ago. The album "Zamoone" even meant a reunion with her short-time BC member Ramon who appears here as the arranger of the collection. For the lyrics stand Masoud Fardmanesh, Ehsan Yavari, Saeed Dabiri and Forough Danesh. The 7-track album is released on Caltex Records.

The album kicks off with a PROGRESSIVE EURO style "Baroone Taraane". A typical Ghomayshi creation, sounding familiar for both better and worse!

Next comes my favourite track on the album, its a song with an OLD-SCHOOL Ghomayshi sound. But "Cheshmentezaar" sounds also remarkably similar to late Nasser Abdollahi's "Bahaar" from the "Haghighat Daarad" anthology! I must say that Ramon does a much better job in his POP arrangements of Ghomayshi songs than the so called TRANCE or CLUB REMIXES, very pleasant!

Although rhyming with the title-track "Bahoone" is a BALLAD! And a very flat and undefined one! Usually Ghomayshi's ballads have a hook as a chorus but this one is linear both vocally and musically!

Speaking of the title-track "Zamoone". Its a HI-NRG fare in style with the REMIXES Ramon did for Siavash on his latest collection. The song is well-defined but the vocal performance is a bit too hectic and dominant to carry it out well!

Typical is the keyword in this album and you'll definitely find this song familiar! "Safar" is based on the OLD-SCHOOL songs with the nostalgic Ghomayshi/Yaghmaei ROCK signature. Again, Firoozeh's voice feels too dominant for such songs while it tends to get carried away!

Siavash Ghomayshi's composition for late Afshin Moghadam's "Zemestoon" appears here in a very unbecoming arrangement! There has been an obvious attempt to an update here but unfortunately not in an eclectic way! Practically all the wrong choices have been made here in selecting components, making this song sounding like a musical Frankenstein!

Iranian industry is the only industry which doesn't let go of this particular ROCK style, something we even heard being hampered on in Googoosh's "Manifest" album. "Hamin Emrooz" sounds very obsolete and, again, unbecoming even though at the same time very Ghomayshi-an!

I must say that I personally have been waiting for this long-overdue debut in more than half a decade! And for a while it looked like something that simply wasn't going to happen, or better said "meant" to happen! For a while it looked as if she was to spend her career as a rebound artist in Shahbal's different transition projects! And it really hurt me to see her talent and youth (a currency in an artist's career, female artists in particular) wasted on basically nothing. So needless to say it feels good to see her bouncing back on her two feet, finally! A bit late but not TOO late! So does “Zamoone” makes all this waiting worth while? Well, not really! Unfortunately! The album carries a "voice approved" stamp which is supposed to represent Siavash's endorsement of his protégé. And normally an album composed by Siavash Ghomayshi would have done the trick, the name alone would have landed the marketing deal! But the fact is that Siavash's involvement is a project does no longer ensure its commercial success, neither its quality to be honest. Siavash's two latest offerings in these past years have both came short, with the REMIX album of the last year taking it rock bottom! And this is weighing heavily on Firoozeh's debut release. Which basically doesn't carry anything new other than the singer herself. The music is old-news and in best cases recycled material reminiscent of two-three decade old creations without even a breeze of fresh air! Siavash Ghomayshi with all due respect, Firoozeh deserves more! And after a decade of witnessing the choices taken and decisions made makes me wonder whether she knows that herself or not!? My fear is that it will take yet another seven years to hear Firoozeh again in a new album and “if” that turned out to be the case "Zamoone" is more of a missed opportunity than an achievement!

Note: Thanks to Amir A. for submitting the album for reviewing.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: --
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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