Leila Forouhar - “Maahe Man”

MZM Records
2008 (1386)

Its been a while since we heard from her but now she is back, with a brand new album entitled "Maahe Man". Leila Forouhar has in this album had an elaborate collaboration with the creative duo Ramin Zamani and Maryam Heydarzadeh as the sole composer/lyricist of the opus while for the arrangements other than those conducted by Zamani stand Shahram Azar, Vachik Aghaniantz, Howie, Pooria (Loniakan? Just like the previous album the list of credits on this album leaves out certain surnames), Khashayar Ahmadieh and Roma Kanyan. “Maahe Man” goes against the standardisation (which I mentioned in Afshin's review) and features only 7 tracks, released on MZM Records.

The title-track opens up with a beautiful mid-tempo flow. The song is well-crafted and Vachik Aghaniantz and Howie's beautiful arrangement blows life into the proportionate body created by MaRamin (My attempt to do a Bennifer-ian portmanteau of Maryam and Ramin since they are a creative duo)! A song beautifully enhanced through its music video.

As you have surely read in my reviews I consider Shahram Azar as one of the best arrangers of EURO DANCE music! Its not the first time Leila Forouhar has her name in her songs yet its double effect is charming and striking each time! Love the addition of the guitar to the electronic field! "Majnoon Be Leila Mirese" is energetic.

The third song called "Mage Mishe" arranged by Ramin Zamani changes the conditions drastically with a more personal style of Caribbean/AMERICANA influences! A blow to the commercial potential of the album but an underpinning of its artistic integrity. By the way, is it just me or does this song sound strangely familiar?!

Now to the main lifeline of the opus, "Bahaane"! Pooria was the right name for the arrangement of this POWER POP song. Just like in the first song advantage is taken of all the provided premises to present the piece in the best possible way! My favourite song from the album! Bubblegum-bubbly and smooth!

The second song arranged by Ramin and the second bump in the commercial road ahead of a 7-track album! A classically created song called "Aarezooye Man Inast", fully loaded with the artists' personal preferences.

Roma Kanyan is doing well in his reformation of the PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE style in the Persian industry which has so far been dominated by the Radmanesh/Shahyad signature style! And the toasting of the guy who for some reason sounds like Shahbal Shabpareh is refreshing in this particular settings. But one thing baffles me, why does "Be Joone To" sound awfully like Shahayad's "Sefareshi"??!!!

And finally a song arranged in a more PROGRESSIVE and also commercial direction by Ramin, without really compromising its artistic value! A rather experimental track, blending ELECTRONICA with NEW AGE and CLASSIC styles beautifully in a balanced attempt.

This post-millennium decade has been the least productive decade in Leila Forouhar's musical career, and even though she keeps coming back she doesn't do a COME BACK per definition! With average material backed up with an average marketing, coming and going without really remaining in today's' crowded and competitive market. And even though "Maahe Man" is creatively more ambitious and innovative than its predecessor with some really clever tracks its commercial potential is the same due to its low quantity overshadowing its high quality! It comes across stylistically out-of-loop while its not! Making it personal but not enough commercial, despite the signature of MaRamin all over it!

“Maahe Man” falls under same category as her previous album "Yek Boose", but not the same calibre! Its an album that needs time and attention, to be explored meristically rather than just holistically!

Overall Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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