Pouya- “Tasvir”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2008 (1386)

Pouya has been working out physically these past years, and just like his fellow singers in genre he has “tjuzsed up” his image considerably! His brand new alum is called "Tasvir" and features work by the father and son Radmanesh, Schubert Avakian, Mohammad Moghadam, Shahyad, Babak Rouzbeh, Babak Sahraee, Maryam Asadi, Homa Mirafshar, Mohammad Heydari and Manouchehr Cheshmazar. "Tasvir" features 8 tracks and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc.

Chances are that you have been reading "Mr. Man", an entry in my blog discussing this song and its video. But "Man" is a song which represents the dualistic nature of the album in the best way! Its basically a lament-style core padded with a TRANCE body. Theoretically incompatible, but not practically the song proves!

Now to a more formulaic specimen of the style and genre. Old-school fans will most likely dig "Mehrabouni" as it strikes 20 years old chords!

I'm liking "Mimiram", a fine ELECTRO-FOLK/POWER POP signed Avakian. The song itself is familiarly safe but the arrangement offers spices fresh to the ear.

The Iranian culture and this particular style have a way of delivering mother-tributes charged with extra pain and misery! And even though "Maadaram" starts in that direction it shifts mood to a more "Nane" type of mode with an upbeat and dancefloor-friendly approach!

The Radmaneshs, in particular the more internationally famous son artistically known as Sami Yousuf, have contributed to a modernisation of the Islamic music in the world as a matter of fact! And their "YaaRab" for Pouya follows the same recipe.

Now to my favourite track of the album and the more experimentally interesting song, both for Pouya's career and the style and genre as a whole, is the clever hybrid of REGGAETON and ARABESQUE! "Jaade" isn't perfect but it (hopefully) opens new doors to new realms of experimentation for this style of music!

When you read Shahyad's name in the credits for a song you think you know what you are about to get! And you will get exactly what you thought you are going to get!! "Be Vaghteshe" is no exception as it has his touch all over it. The "just add artist" formula of Shahyad always works, for better and worse!

I'm sure that the old-school fans of the style have waited and suffered through some of the more modern and outrageous songs (hehe) only to get to the title-track "Tasvir"! There was once when the combination of names such as Mirafshar, Heydari and Cheshmazar would ensure a commercial success! Long gone are those times but still valid for certain fans! So the phrase "save the best for last" truly applies here for them!

Already in the previous album we started to see and even hear deviations taking place in Pouya's image and music. Why deviation you might ask, mainly because the destination hasn't really changed like in Shahram Solati's case but rather the path to it! And its no longer the straight generic path, its a more adventurous and rocky path! As a result Pouya's music comes across as dualistic and perhaps even paradoxical to some listeners in terms of content and coherence. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you as an artist don't have an ambition with the rampant dualism! And something tells me that Pouya has, by combining the seemingly incompatible elements he tries to present the two aspects of his own true character! If he manages to be a combination of opposite worlds so can his music, and we just have to accept that reality! If I'm right and that in fact is his ambition then I personally as someone with a similar dualistic nature couldn't be happier with the attitude! Our culture is a slave to rigid dogmas and preconceived notions of things where phenomenons really don't belong as long as they cant be completely filed under a certain category! There are nexuses linking opposite worlds and what we have to do is to open our minds to see the connections.

Having said that Pouya's “Tasvir” is a VERY GOOD album not completely free from risks, since it aims to be a fence-sitter in an intolerant neighbourhood where fences are put up for a reason! A reason long forgotten maybe, but still guarded just as extremely!

Overall Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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