Mohsen Yeganeh - “Nafashaaye Bihadaf”

Avaye Nakisa (Iran)
2008 (1387)

Mohsen Yeganeh has become fully legal! The former Shadmehr Aghili-sound alike who became an overnight sensation through his duet "Nashkan Delamo" with another Mohsen and underground star recently gone legal, namely Chavoshi. Yeganeh's legal debut entitled “Nafashaaye Bihadaf” has become top-selling in just the couple of months that its been out. The credits on the album basically do not mention any lyricist or composer, just the arrangers Shahab Akbari and Yeganeh himself. The album features 11 tracks and is released on Avaye Nakisa.

Kicking off with the title track “Nafashaaye Bihadaf”. Its a PROGRESSIVE fare with a pessimistic point of view on life! A theme which marks many of the artist and his fellow contemporary undergrounders' songs!

Followed up by a song which strikes me as a Turkish/Greek original but no credit to such has been given. "Aakhe Dele Man" is already a HIT!

"Nakhaastam" opens with a whirl of violin, the mid-tempo POP song reminds of Ragheb Alameh's soothing Arabic music.

A ballad in style with Turkish ballads and pinch of Shadmehr's old-school songs is presented as "Gonaahi Nadaaram". Mournful and melancholic to make your heart bleed!

Things start to get GHERI with a blend of Azeri musicality, though don't think that the theme too turns uplifting and optimistic because of that! The mode is set and locked on rejection in "Injaa Jaaye To Nist".

The only song that has been declared as "based on Greek original" on the cover is "Cheshmaaye Khise Man" which to my knowledge is Despina Vandi's (or should I say Phoebus) "Lathos Anthropos".

"Sareto Baalaa Begir" is a Shadmehr-ian song which will please many! The song has references to the style presented in the re-birth of domestic POP music a decade ago.

"Nashkan Delamo" which was Yeganeh's MEGA HIT was originally done in a duet with Mohsen Chavoshi. And apparently a reluctant duet, since according to an interview with Chavoshi year ago the bitter artist rejected this song as something which wasn't his decision! According to him his vocals were taken and mixed with Yeganeh's without his approval! Another thing which Yeganeh hasn't mentioned on the album is the fact that the song is a cover on a foreign original according to Chavoshi, but on which original Chavoshi didn't mention!

Back to the Turkish influences in "Hichki Nemitoone Befahme". The song is in line with the rest of the album in terms of musicality and theme.

"Benevis az Sare Khat" continues the tradition though in a more progressive fashion and a sting of ROCK!

And finally an instrumental version of "Aakhe Dele Man" closes Yeganeh's debut.

Mohsen Yeganeh's legal debut is a flicker of light, a sign of hope for those young artists in the domestic industry's underground who have waited long to appear above ground and have aspiration to become legal performers! Despite being such a good news “Nafashaaye Bihadaf” is not really any musical news but rather a collection of the artist's underground career so far. Complied as a back-story for the legal chapters. Hence the themes are just as pessimistic and self-righteously poetic as before! Yeganeh's generation focused on despair and sometimes even hatred as one can hear in many of their so called "revenge" songs and this approach has proved itself to strike a strong chord with that portion of the population that is tired of the lyrical martyrdom which has coloured our music for centuries. However ironically while it dives even deeper in the semi-religious style of music and mourning! Blending that with a suitable mix of foreign musicality, hand picked for the purpose.

Note: thanks to Mansour J.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: --
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Review by: Pourya E.

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