Majid Rezazadeh- ”Nemishe”

Navaaye Raamesh (Iran)
2003 (1382)

Almost ¾ of the albums released in Iran today, are by debut-artists!!! Considering the harsh cultural restrictions and the artist-unfriendly conditions, that still reign inside the country, the thriving of the POP-music scene is indeed a remarkable phenomenon we are witnessing!!! A positive fact to put our hopes on, while we are following the progresses of the modern Iranian music with enthusiasm and anticipating the results with eager!!

Although there are still some artistic hard-liners with an “elitist”-mentality, mostly outside the country, who consider the increasing artistic “POP-UPs” as something negative and damaging! Even on an amateur level!! I rather believe that pluralism is a vital necessity for our cultural evolution and progress!! Everyone are to welcome,…who stays, who goes is then beyond anyone’s direct control!! It is automatically regulated through an artistic “Natural Selection”!!!

While the artists keep popping up, the Iranian cultural media,…at least those few who still are allowed to be active, are not able to catch up with them!! That means that it is almost impossible for a debut artist to receive the needed publicity and exposure, and for a music fan to find out about the new releases and the artists behind them!!! Therefor, I am deeply grateful to my dear friend Shahab, who tries to keep me updated with the latest releases inside the country !!

Majid Rezazadeh’s name is totally new to me, therefor I presume that he too is a debut artist!! His 10-tracks-album “Nemishe” is produced by one of today’s popular producers, Mohammad Reza Ahmadian! And is composed and arranged almost entirely by Majid himself! Other artists who have collaborated in this project are Bamdad Jooybaari, Mohammad Ali Shirazi, Shohreh Ghaed, Ali Fakhari, Hasan Tehrani, Amir Abdollah and Mojtaba Shahali!! Majid’s “Nemishe” is released by Navaaye Raamesh!

The album starts off with the title-track!! “Nemishe” is an uplifting BANDARI-track!! A very lovely track which is set to fill any dance-floor!! Very smooth keyboard-touch!!

Second comes “Malaamat”, which is a very nice GYPSY/Andalusian POP-tune!! A HOT summer night,…a crying gypsy-violin,…an alluring gypsy-guitar,…and “HER”!!! Her big mesmerising black eyes,…her wavy raven-hair dancing in the wind,…moonlight reflecting on her silky toffee-skin!!!…What more can a man ask for???! This is gorgeous track!!

Why stop the magic while the violin is still playing??!…Well,…Majid is NOT to!! Let’s then switch to a pure Persian Dance-tune, a la Bijan Mortazavi!! Where the violin gets to rule predominantly and spread some sweet “gher-s” to some lovely “kamar-s”!!! “ESHVE/KERESHME” is the signum for “Angoshtar”!!!

The fourth track is a LATIN/Continental POP-song!! This is a romantic song for a “smooth-singer”!!! Giving Julio Iglesias a break, Majid takes on this challenge!!! “Faraagh” creates the perfect set up for a romantic dance, with smooth guitars and caressing violins,…after you my LADY!!!

“Dele Man to ro Mikhaad” starts off with a powerful “a cappella” chant of the title, by the male choir!!! This is a beautiful track which blends different POP-elements with the main 70s POP a la Shahrokh ingredients!! This song is soooooo lovely!! Reminds also of Shadmehr’s retro-POP tune “1001 shab”!!!…very, very nice!!!

The following track is a lovely POP/dance-tune, reminiscent of the 80s’ mainstream POP!!! Beautifully arranged, “Saaye” maintains the album’s up-built ENERGY in a very lovely way!!

Now, time for a successful HYBRID!! A LATIN/Continental/smooth-JAZZ hybrid is created through “Saraab”! But unlike it’s title this track is not illusionary!! It is rather wonderfully REAL!! This is another “smooth-singer”-track descending from the French Reviera!! Acoustic guitars and saxophones create another romantic setting!!! Reminiscent of the 60s/70s!!…Very lovely OLD-SCHOOL!!

“Naazok Del” is another up-tempo POP/Dance-fare with 80s’ sound!! A very lovely spiral-keyboard touch!! With an even lovelier female vocal touch!!!…Needless to say, this track is…LOVELY!!!

Next comes “Hamkhoone”, another 70s inspired, acoustic guitar-based retro-POP-song!! But this one is a ballad!! Another retro-ballad a la Shadmehr Aghili, this time by Majid!! …NICE!!!

The album closes then with an energetic “PARTY-tune”!!! “Aarezoomand” is an up-tempo Dance-fare!! One of the BEST results of the still ongoing 70s inspired PROGRESSIVE POP experimentation, that I’ve ever heard!! Well-balanced and nicely arranged!!

Whether “Nemishe” is Majid’s debut album or not, I am truly IMPRESSED!! This is a flawless collection!! One smooth voice and 10 smooth songs, altogether!!…and SMOOTH is DEFINITELY the word for this album!! NOWHERE can a single annoying detail be heard!! “Nemishe” is NOT based on extraordinary ingredients!! NOT at all! It follows a simple recipe!! But at the same time, there are not many that can handle these ingredients with such care and finesse, like Majid does!!! So “BRAVO” Majid-jan!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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