Nooshafarin - “Koocheye Rangi”

Century Records
2008 (1387)

Nooshafarin's latest album is entitled “Koocheye Rangi” and features work by Fereydoon Eskanadar, Sheyda Shafiie, Nahid Ghassemi, Mina Jalali, Arya Aramnejad, Mohammad Ruhandeh, Serdar Ortac and Pritam. Released with 9 tracks on the new label Century Records.

Opening with "Ahle Del", a rather catchy POP tune with an ELECTRO-FOLK twist. Rather suitable opener for the album.

The title-track “Koocheye Rangi” follows the same ELECTRO steps, though with a more LATIN flavour. Its not every day, or every decade for that matter, that we hear a mainstream Iranian song composed by a woman! We have several female lyricists but almost no female composer active in the industry! Something which really makes you wonder why! So Nahid Ghassemi's contribution to the album is both important and highly appreciated.

Next comes a more ROCK oriented song, though without deviating from the album's path. "Raase Saate Setaare" taps on the old NEW WAVE jargon in its title but not lyrics!

"Ki Shode Aashegh" opens as a POWER POP tune but flirts with the whole southern musicality underneath! Mohammad Ruhandeh's involvement might have something to do with it!

Another Nahid Ghassemi composition and another orientation towards the LATIN, or better said Arabo-Andalusian, musicality. "Shour Aafarin" reminds me of Fataneh's "Koli" in some ways.

A remake of a foreign song, Serdar Ortac's in this case, is nothing new on Iranian albums and Nooshafarin's in particular! But this time it comes with the full credit to its original maker! Which is a highly appreciated improvement in ethical conduct, considering the leap from the previous album! "Cheraa" is a rather psychedelic Turkish POP song.

Next comes "Mehmooni", a good old POP song with a rather conventional construction. Catchy and made for dance-floors.

Followed up by a nice REMIX of "Raase Saate Setaare".

"Yaa Ali" is as the title suggests a hymn to the first Imam of the Shi'tes. The song is rhythmic and bilingual (Hindi?). The composition is by someone by the name of Pritam, not sure of its a remake or original. If its a remake of an Indian song dedicated to Imam Ali, then its the first of its kind I personally have heard! Interesting.

“Koocheye Rangi” is a GOOD album in the sense that its consistent as a collection. It doesn't have any HITS, on the other hand it doesnt have any weak links either! Fereydoon Eskanadar comes through here, however his arrangements are for better and worse. They are generally crisp and vitalizing, but far too narrow in style and sound. Depriving the album of diversity and range.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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