Farzad Farzin - "Shock"

Iran Gaam (Iran)
2008 (1387)

After the success of "Sharareh", an attempt to acting in the motion-picture "Pesaraane Ajori" and a temporary ban from any kind of activity in the entertainment industry Farzad Farzin is back with his sophomore album entitled "Shock" for which's marketing and publicity he has gone to the extent of pulling some serious strings in the otherwise POP-hostile state TV to hype the album pre-release and now having his album played in breaks in the cinemas! The collection is composed, written and arranged mainly by Farzad himself along with two tracks composed by Amir Ghanadi (a track which is called "Do Raahi" in the credits but doesn't exist on the track-list!) and Mohsen Chavoshi. For other arrangements stand Farzad Fatahi, Pourya Heydari, Shahab Akbari, Arash Ghanadi and for the rest of the lyrics, Babak Sahraie, Mohammad Farahani (Akaberi), Amir Azad, Darioush Shahriari and Mahtab Rokhsati. "Shock" is released on Iran Gaam with 12 tracks.

The album opens with the title-track, an up-beat Electro-POP song. "Shock" is well-executed and rolls on smoothly! An adequate album opener.

Switching to a slower and mellower mood, "Bonbast" is rather Turkish in its style of ballad with a tangible pre-exile Shadmehr vibe! Rather soothing.

"Baazigar" is a song custom-written for Farzad by Mohsen Chavoshi with whom he has collaborated before in the leaked song "Be To Goftam". The lyrics are declared written by Mohammad Farahani on the album, but Farzad explained later in an interview that its a made-up name since back then none of them knew the name of its lyricist which happens to be Akaberi!

Next comes another mid-tempo ballad called "Yaadame". Its rather North-European in its style and is something one could hear in the EUROVISION song contest!

"Gij" is a POWER POP song which has initially had a huge potential but lost much of it due to its arrangement which "unfortunately" revives the long dead and buried PROG POP style of 6-8 years ago! It was a catastrophic plague which rid the domestic industry and if you have read my reviews through the past six years you know how much I've warned against it!

Yet another mid-tempo ballad! This one called "Taaje Taraane" enjoys a classic autumnal passage which stands out.

Followed up by a nice HOUSE REMIX of "Shock"!

Next song sounds very Mansour-ian and thereby familiar! "Bemoon" is my favourite from the album, it follows the formula I love which means a clear take-off at the chorus.

"Be To Madioonam" is another Shadmehr-ian song with a soothing guitar-led flow.

After a series of slower songs and ballads it was about time for an up-beat track! "Bade To" is an Electro-ROCK fare which manages to shake things for the better! On a more personal level this song really strikes a chord with me! "Eshghe to, bad az in mishe ye khaatere! Baayad az khaatere man bere, injoori behtare!" ... my favourite track!

If you have heard BACKSTREET BOYS' "Incomplete" then you'll surely recognise "Mibakhshamet"! Sadly the song is presented as Farzad's own creation, which makes it to a plagiary! Otherwise well-executed.

The album ends with an DANCE REMIX of "Man o To", one of the ballads on the debut album. The transformation is thought-through and well-executed!

"Shock" is not really a SHOCK music-wise! However its a rather huge leap from the debut album when it comes to technical improvement towards perfection! The arrangements are well-executed and nuanced! Even Farzad's vocal performance sounds less contrived and has reached a more balanced level, it sounds more "natural" and moves smoothly along the mellower melodies! As you've surely noticed the term "well-executed" is frequently used in this review and I cant think of a better term to sum it all up!

There is already a new Farzin album on its way this year, in which he intends to make up for the leaked album "Taghib" by now recording in his own home-studio! As previously mentioned the marketing of the album has taken to rather extreme and unorthodox measures, however Farzin says that its because he hasn't enjoyed what's considered a normal exposure on posters and billboards due to the company's poor marketing strategy and even though the album is on second place (Chavoshi's in on top) of the sales chart he is actually rather disappointed with the fact that "poorer" albums have sold more than his! Which makes one wonder which album he means if he doesn't mean Chavoshi's?

Note: thanks to Mansour J., Ladan N. and Richard.

Overall Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: ---
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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