Shahram Shabpareh - “Tapesh”

Tapesh Records
2008 (1387)

Shahram Shabpareh's new album is entitled "Tapesh" which could be a flirt with the network he is a host on and the related label that he's been released on! The album was also sponsored by a Dubai-based company, right before the whole Dubai bubble started to burst a couple of months ago! In this album which is mainly written and composed by Shahram Shabpareh himself, he has had an elaborate collaboration with Mohamad Moghadam as the co-composer and sole arranger. For the rest of the lyrics stand Masoud Fardmanesh and Maryam Asadi. The album comes with 9 tracks and just like the cover of his previous album "Aatash", the cover of "Tapesh" too is a nod to the TRADEMARK Shabpareh concept of innocent fun and flirt with cute girls! In this case naughty nurses, considering the theme of the album (heartbeat/pulse). An excellent artwork by Fereshteh Jamali and a quality packaging with a thick booklet in a glossy and embossed slipcase. As far as the embossing goes this is the first Persian album that enjoys such feature on its cover!

"Tapesh" starts with one of the strongest songs on the album which comes with a rather charming video with the Tapesh TV crew singing along in it! Its also a song dedicated to Shahram's daughter Donya. "Baraat Mimiram" is progressive and frenetic! It manages to preserve the old-school FOLK formula while updating it with a new flavour! An excellent opener.

Next comes "Moaleme Eshghi", another song which repeats the updating process of the opener. Progressive ETHNO! The lyrical theme is nothing new for a Shahram Shabpareh album, how many times haven't we heard Shahram using the school crush-theme in his songs? "Moalem", "shaagerd", "class" and "nomre" are recurring words in the SH-lyrics! It has almost become a TRADEMARK brand by (over?) usage!

"Rafighe Joonjooni" is no exception in the kicked-off process of the album. This is recognisably Shahram Shabpareh, without even the slightest doubt and confusion! Updated and boosted for yet another decade of dancefloor-filling! Simply TIMELESS!

Ballads are not necessarily what Shahram's name is immediately associated with, even though the man has had his fair share of mellow tracks in his career. The remake of "To Mitooni" on his previous album was however a big HIT and in attempt to follow up that success comes "Zemestaane Aakhar". A descent song with a RETRO feeling but not strong enough to fill the shoes of its predecessor!

Late Pouran Shapouri's original and late Fereidoun Farokhzad's reviving remake of "Shab Bood, Biaaban Bood" is covered here in an attempt to pay homage to both legends. This has clearly been declared on the album, something which makes the fact that no credit has been given to the actual creators of the song "almost" forgivable! This is one progressive remake, for better and worse!

"Benaazam Eshtehaato" is unlike the first half of the album a song which hasn't been updated with new elements! Its an OLD-SCHOOL formula and flavour all the way! Fills a bit misplaced in the bunch but I'm sure will please many.

Next song follows in the same path! "Baa To Khosham" is also rather preserving and conservative with a distinct ETHNO-FOLK POP overtone.

However things are brought back on the initial track with "To Hezaari"! PROGRESSIVE Shabpareh POP when its at its best! Simply impeccable!

God knows how many times Shahram has remade the cover on "Chili Pom" a song which once put both Shahram and Ebrahim Hamedi aka Ebi on the STAR map! This song stays true to the album which it appears on, by being progressive with a BOSSA NOVA touch! But its also in my opinion the weakest version ever preformed! For a better version check Shahram's "Khejaalati" album from late 80's, which if my memory serves me correctly also features Ebi as the Chili Pom-poming bass! Its good to see that credits have been given to Miguel Sandovall and Maria in this case of covering.

There was a rumour pre-release that Andy would be featured even on this album, in a new duet called "Venus". Such song is however nowhere to be found on the album! Otherwise "Tapesh" is a follow-up to "Aatash" in almost every sense of the term! Its planned and designed just like its predecessor with an almost identical structure and purpose. Its just the role of Avakian that has now been given to Moghadam, who does an equally great job. There is really not much I can say about "Tapesh" that I haven't already said about "Aatash"! It would be repeating that review. To cut a long story short, Shahram Shabpareh keeps reigning supremely as the always challenged but still prevailing KING OF POP!!!

Overall Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +++
Ethical Adherence: +
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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