Shahram and Shahrouz - “Effe Nayaa”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2008 (1387)

Shahram and Shahrouz are two brothers, identical twins from England who have in an elaborate collaboration with Babak Rouzbeh as the lyricist and Bobby S, whose work we recently heard on Kaiser's latest album, as the composer/arranger prepared a debut album entitled "Effe Nayaa". The album features 8 tracks and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc. with a cover design reminiscent of Modern Talking's "Back For Good"!

The album opens with "Jeddi Nabaash", featuring rap by 0044. Its a highly questionable opener since its the weakest track on the album, with a strangely flat chorus! Feels overall rather underdeveloped.

Followed up by the first single from the album and its title-track "Effe Nayaa". The song is a catchy one and the twins manage to deliver the vocals despite some weaknesses here and there. It would have been suitable to set up a more progressive beat for this track, then again it could have overpowered the fragile vocals! By the way, I was under the impression that 'effe oomadan' was a slang long forgotten and replaced by something new!? Usually when I listen to the domestic underground songs I miss half of the lyrics due to my slang-vocabulary not being up-to-date!lol So it feels good to see that I'm not that old and out-of-date after all! hehe

"Mikhaam Toro" is a POP song with a FOLK feeling. The song however feels underdeveloped, not as severely as in the opener's case but still a song which leaves very little impression!

Jumping from one of the weakest tracks to the strongest! "Deldaar" is namely the ACE of this collection! Its a perfectly crafted ballad which manages to arrange the interaction of the music and the vocals adequately, The usual weaknesses in the twins' vocal abilities are masked and their strengths uphold! This mellow ETHNO/FOLK tune with an Afghan-inspired groove takes me back to the early 90's and similar songs which were released in the industry. Love this soothing track!

Now to a song which despite its artistic quality displays a negligence in the attention to the singers' actual vocal abilities! "Tanhaayi" is a beautiful track with an unconventional anatomy for a POP tune. It shifts gears far too often and requires strong vocal muscles that are able to manage the extreme manoeuvres that come with it. As a result it leaves the bros vulnerable in several moments of the song!

My personal favourite is "Zamin o Aasemoon"! Its a nicely produced UP-BEAT song which portrays the twins adequately. Built around the Coolie Dance Riddim of a couple of years ago, the song manages to synthesize a strong POP song with a chorus that LIFTS! This is the antagonist to the opener of this album, in every possible sense!

"Radde Paa" which's opening reminds of Cutting Crew's "I Just Died in Your Arms", is just like "Tanhaayi" a rather unconventional and uneven song. An artistic feature which gives the song an experimental value but also makes it a bit hard in terms of accessibility!

If it was up to me I would have made the opener and the closer switch place on this album! The 6/8 "Sharreto Kam Kon" is more suitable for the important task of opening an album, event though its not free from flaws!

I'm going to express my overall impression, both what I see as strength and what I see as weakness in these twin artists. Shahram and Shahrouz's strength lies in their looks and vocal "tone", with the former being adequate for the image and the latter simply easy on the ear. At the same time their weaknesses lie also in the exact same features! However other dimensions of these. The image of the brothers is rather dull and rigid, they basically act and react exactly the same subtle way whether they appear in the video for their upbeat song "Effe Nayaa" or the video for their mellow follow-up "Deldaar"! There is either no variation at all, or if there is any its as impossible to detect as the difference between them physically and vocally! Vocally their weakness, which is also their Achilles' heel, lies in the limited range and calibre of their voices. Their vocals sound pleasant as long as notes are kept low and the music mellow. But as soon as the time comes to flex those vocal muscles, which happens far too often in this album, they fail to deliver! Something which could have been "controlled" through a more thought-through and custom-made production with songs suitable for their vocal abilities. That way the performance would have stayed on an, although rather monotonous, but still heterogeneous and solid level. The mysterious Bobby S's previous works have all been praised by me in various reviews, for his inclusion of fresh sounds and crisp elements in Blash's debut for instance. In this opus, however, he has more or less failed to consolidate the foundation before finishing with that fancy furnish of his!

As a result "Effe Nayaa" is a GOOD debut, which could have been much better with a little more attention to actual potentials and abilities available! Instead you get a rather instant but very inconsistent collection.

Overall Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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