Farshid Amin- ”Didi Goftam”

Pars Video, Inc. USA
2003 (1382)

A year before the official release of Farshid’s success album “Banoo”, I glanced at something very strange on one of my trips! While waiting for my train to arrive, I discovered a little Iranian music shop!! In there I saw a bootleg copy of an album by a new artist named Farshid Amin! The album also had an MZM-logotype on!! Since I’ve always boycotted bootleg copies and neither had the time to stay and listen to the album, the memory of the cover image became the only thing I was able to bring back with me!! Ever since have I searched everywhere for that particular album, but I haven’t found it ANYWHERE!! And NO ONE seems to have heard about it!! It has become a great mystery to me, whether the album that I saw that day was an original album, or an early pre-release version of “Banoo” under another title, and by another label!!

Anyway, Farshid is back now with a BRAND NEW album, called “Didi Gofatm”!! The album is written and composed by Farshid himself! Except one song, which is composed by the great composer/producer Farokh Ahi! Ahi has also arranged and produced the album, with occasional help in the arrangements by another great artist, Fred Mirza!! This is of course not the first time that Farshid has collaborated with Ahi! Farokh Ahi was also involved in the production of “Banoo”!! He is THE man who caused the REVOLUTION in the Iranian POP music, back in the 80s, through artist like Siavash and Andy & Kouros!! Back then, just his “signum” on an album cover was enough to ensure the work’s success!! Like “Banoo”, is “Didi Goftam” with its 7 new songs and a DUB MIX, released by the main pioneer of the Iranian EXILE-media, Pars Video!! With a truly GORGEOUS album cover, reminiscent of the Turkish POP-album covers!! One of the best album covers that I have seen on an Iranian album!!

The first track is called “Delet Bekhaad, Delet Nakhaad”!! This is a nice HI-NRG track a la Mansour/Brian Wayy!! It is a lovely song, but seems to have a bit problem with establishing an own identity, since its chorus and arrangements remind TOO much of Mansour’s “Faghat be Khaatere To”!! It’s still a great track though, but I expect more from an Ahi/Mirza collaboration!! MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

The second track is a follow-up to the MEGA-HIT “Nastaran”!! A new album, without a sequel to “Nastaarn” would have been a great disappointment for many fans, but now there is nothing to worry about!! Cause Farshid has delivered “Sepideh”, and what a GORGEOUS track to deliver!! I love this retro/SMOOTH-POP style that Farshid is slowly but surely developing and making to his own TRADEMARK!! Needless to say, is this track a perfect example of Farokh Ahi’s simple but ELEGANT arrangements!! A legendary sound that still charms!!

“Vaay az Daste in Dokhtare” comes next!! It’s a WONDERFUL Euro-TRANCE/ HI-NRG fare!! NOW, …THIS is more like it!! This is what I expect to be created, when two GIANTS join FORCES!! Ahi and Mirza have established another milestone in the way of Iranian TRANCE-music!! The song’s core reminds also of my favourite Farshid-song, “Roya”!! A truly, …truly MARVELLOUS track!! I LOVE IT!!!

It is not every day that an artist blends Afro-Caribbean spices in a BANADRI-dish!! So Farshid’s “Begoo Barmigardi” is a lovely result of an unique experiment!! Very up-lifting and spicy!! … I like it!!!

I am a guy who loves and appreciates any kind of tribute to all the loving and caring mothers in the world!! But one thing I personally do not care for is some of the sad and almost mournful styles used in such tribute-songs!! “Maamaan Goli” however, does not fall in that category!! Instead it is a follower of the more up-lifting “I LOVE YOU MOM”-tradition!! “Moein’s “Nane” has now a potential rival!!

The title-track is the mid-tempo Arabo-Andalusian POP-tune, “Didi Goftam”!! When I first heard this song, I immediately recognised the influences from Amr Diab’s HIT-song “Tamally Maak”!! And I was right!!! Farshid himself has thanked Amr, the source of inspiration for this lovely track, on the album cover!! In these days of nonchalant remakes and shameless plagiaries, is this a truly noble and admirable gesture by Farshid!!! …Thank you Farshid-jan!!!

Now to the seventh, and last original track of the album!! “Be to Mipeyvandam” is a smooth-POP ballad!! With influences both from the L. Van Beethoven-classic “Fur Elise” and Demis Roussos’ smooth and nostalgic ballads!!…very NICE!!

A DUB MIX of “Delet Bekhaad, Delet Nakhaad” closes the album!! This version is actually much better than the original, and should have changed place with it in the track-listing!! Instead, it has become a perfect finish for the lovely album!!!

After the TREMENDOUS success of the ALL-GIRL-NAME “Banoo”, the expectations were rather high on Farshid and his new album!!! And it is great to see that Farshid has managed to deliver yet another HIT-album!! “Didi Goftam” is truly an ENERGETIC and MELODIOUS sequel to “Banoo”!! But in closer comparison to the HIT-packed HEAVY WEIGHT “Banoo”, the new album might sound a bit “LIGHTER”!!! Because some of the more popular styles (tracks 2 & 3) are under-represented, and that leaves the listener a bit “hungry”!!! But on the other hand, this also means that there is absolutely NO style-repeating on “Didi Goftam” and thereby is the variety ensured!!

Overall, this is a MUST-HAVE album for any music fan!! I personally regard Farshid as a true POP-STAR, … he is truly creative and innovative!! One of the potential agents of change in the evolution of our future POP-music!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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