7th Music Band- “Baa To Mimoonam”

IranGaam (Iran)
2009 (1388)

You have heard this trio’s songs in our music section and watched their videos as well. 7th Music Band was initiated by the two Ghannadi brothers in their friend and fellow band member’s grocery store and started off as a 13 piece band a decade ago. But perhaps due to their original number of bad luck (13) they have almost constantly been struck by bad luck ever since! Member after member has left the band and the band’s name “Seven” which was registered when the band had seven members seven years ago was given to another all-male band instead! Seven became eventually a trio but kept their seven-based name for the luck linked to the number. So it’s safe to suggest that this is a rather superstitious band!lol Back in early summer, right before the unrests, their debut album “Baa To Mimoonam” was released but was later reissued in improved quality. Their music is known for its guitar-driven SOFT POP/ROCK style. “Baa To Mimoonam” features 10 tracks and is released on the IranGaam label. Most of the album is written, composed and arranged by Arash and Amir Ghannadi with some minor contributions by Kiarash Pouzeshi, Fozhan Barfian and Bijan Jouyande.

The album opens with a song à la carte! “Ye Lahze Cheshmaato Beband” is in typical 7th-style with some Turkish POP undertone. It does the job with neither a surprise nor disappointment!

Next comes a song familiar to the ears of many of their fans, “Vaasat Mimiram” was the second song released from the album and is an impeccable work of its kind. It flows just as smoothly as the canoe carrying the band in the video and on the album cover! The Turkish influences are still there.

OH!! Now comes the surprise! A beat!! Something ‘til now alien to the band’s music and style! But the HOUSE elements used to redress the 7th-core of this song fits it like a glove and helps to lift the chorus. This song would have fallen flat and failed without its underpinning! It’s nothing new created here, nonetheless the fusion works for the band. A well-done to the arranger Kiarash Pouzeshi!

Kiarash Pouzeshi is responsible even for this song’s arrangement which is style-wise nowhere near his previous work! However he has once again done a good job emphasizing the chorus in this otherwise à la carte song. “Bezaar Dastaato Begiram” differs though from the rest by having the Turkish influences as a distinct overtone!

Now it’s time for Amir Ghannadi to surprise us by proving that he too in fact is more than a long-haired troubadour! His melodic HOUSE arrangement for “Sedaa” serves this album well and shows that the boys can sing any kind of song with their oiled-up voices.

The whistle-borne beginning of “Doroughgoo” is somehow reminiscent of The Scorpions’ “Wind of Change”. This is yet another lovely mellow song, but this time with no Turkish delight! This is the kind of POP Sirvan aspired to on his recent album, however the 7th-boys do a better job by having a better understanding and a stronger foothold in this realm!

A 6/8-ish track for the market comes along, however the band has been clever enough to tap the commercial beat by remaining in their comfort zone! The result is “Pariaa”, a more sophisticated 70’s-retro SMOOTH POP song with a pinch of ETHNO influences. Catchy! Very close to the formula ARIAN use to disguise their songs for the market! The song lacks that last finishing touch to its arrangement for the gloss that is required, nevertheless a nice try without ruining the collection. Something which I came to fear as soon as I heard the LA-style sing-along triggering “heeeeeeeeeey!!!” at the very start!

“Setaare” is the title of this song, their very first released song with a video featuring all three of them with long hair! Somehow they have managed to through audiotative communication make you imagine flickering stars when first hearing it! This is a song marinated in all sorts of lubricating elements. Uplifting and romantic! Having a positive vibe makes it a song for dancing lovers. A perfect wedding song! And the best part is that it’s slow without somehow sneaking up on you and evoking a misery that you didn’t know of before it hit you! The way many Iranian love songs tend to do!lol

Now it’s time for Arash Ghannadi to surprise us by delivering another HOUSE track! This one a remix of “Vaasat Mimiram” though due to some unknown reason re-titled “Baa To Mimoonam”, making it the title-track! They might have gone for two related titles instead if the usual REMIX tag, which would have attracted more buyers but scared off their puritan listeners. Who knows, your guess is as good as mine!

For the closer the band makes it a little bit ROCKier with a touch of electric guitar and an orientation towards a more Western style of the genre. “Kooche” is per international definition a ROCK BALLAD! An artistically interesting track but failing in terms of commercial appeal, due to its flat vocal arrangement. The guitar rocks this song and should have been the solo star on this track as instrumental!

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this album. After having heard a couple of the boys’ earlier songs I knew that it would be a solid album to look forward to, well … at least I “hoped” so! Since many times you hear something on the single tracks and then something completely different on the collections. Often for the worse than for the better! But 7th Music Band managed to deliver a VERY GOOD debut album that stands firm next to any album released so far this year. Let’s be fair, this is a debut album more or less thrown together in the brothers’ apartment studio! No star-producers involved! No Saffarian to take credit for something he thinks he has done! Sure it lacks that precise edge and glossy finish that makes a perfect presentation, but as far as material goes none of the songs in this album is blank. There is substance all over this opus, it’s just not stylish enough! And in a way they make up for their rookie shortcomings by adding an unexpected but well-serving variation to their style, which saves this album from being monotonous and boring!

All things considered 7th Music Band’s “Baa To Mimoonam” is an album to recommend to all of you who appreciate hardworking musicians who talk less and walk more! In these days of pretentiousness and publicity stunting I for one like to support those who seem to enjoy the art more than the fame! Nothing wrong with fame, just not at the expense of creativity. I like to encourage the achievements of all the underrated turtles of our industry, rather than the spectacles of our overrated rabbits!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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