Saeed Shahrooz- ”Joone man-o-Joone shomaa”

Ham-Avaaz Ahang (Iran)

Is there any music fan out there that isn’t familiar with this man and his voice?! I doubt that, but if there are some folks, specially people outside Iran who have somehow managed to miss the latest rising-stars of the Iranian POP-music scene and this star in particular, then please pay a full attention to this little review!!!
Saeed Shahrooz…and “Ghazalak”! Sounds familiar? NO! Well it’s just a little explosion that happened a couple of years ago in the domestic music industry! And its magnitude reached even the Iranian-harboring countries of northern Europe!
Saeed got the fans attention already in 2000, with the release of his album “Pesaraye Mashreghi”; this album made him to one of the firsts in the domestic Persian-POP frontier, along with other artists like Shadmehr Aghili and the ARIAN-band. His popularity later reached its peak, by the release of the album “Ghazalak”!!! This album is still today one of the top-selling albums in Europe and its HIT-songs are the most requested songs of the Radio-programs! And a year ago he released “Noghre Dagh” which also received a great deal of attention.

The album I’ve got in my hand today is “Joone man o Joone shoma”, his newly released album. This one too, like the previous ones, is produced by the famous producer and member of the KARMA band, Behnam Abtahi. You may ask what is it that makes Saeed and his talent so distinct, compared with other contemporary artists? Well the answer is veeeeeery easy! It is enough to listen to one of his songs, in order to admit that his voice is one of the BEST in the industry, today! It is both strong, firm and on the same time incredibly smooth! And these qualities make his voice fit all kinds of songs. The other factor that has helped to lift and maintain his talent is his unique sense for selection of catchy songs and meaningful lyrics, with extreme HIT-potentiality! These have helped to ensure his popularity among the fans. The same rule applies to this release. Each and every song of this album is of superb quality and the collection is solid as a ROCK! An intensive and compact 10-songs’-packge with almost no room for breathing!

The album starts with the title track “Joone man o Joone shomaa”, which is a typical Abtahi-song! It has the currently popular Arabesque/Turkish sound, reminds of my all-time favorite Omid song, “Doostat Daram”.
Next comes a nice and smoooooooooth “gher-i” and BANDARI fare!!! “Haghighate” is calling you Ladies!!! The dance-floor is aaaaaaaaall YOURS!!!

The third song ”Khaab” is a slower ballad-like tune, and the tempo and smooth guitars of this lovely song reminds me of Ebi’s “Atre To”! veeeeeeeery nice!! Now GUYS!! Why don’t you join the Ladies for a “body-to-body”!!!?
Have I ever mentioned the evident popularity of the re-arranged folklore songs in Iran?! Well here we have another example!! The only difference is that Saeed’s versions always sound like if they were all brand new tracks!! Very charming and a bit “gher-i” as well!

“Setareh”, is sooo lovelyyyyyy!! It’s an early summer night, the Cafes’ along the Avenue are all full of lovers and you are walking home alone and sad, from the one who once was your love and suddenly the accordion-player starts to play…”setareh hanooz bidaari? Baazam emshab khaab nadari? Nakone to ham mesle man aashegi, cheshm entezari?”…mmmmm! Simply BEAUTIFUL!
The sixth song ”Ghorbat”, is unlike its title an LA-happy-type-of-song! A veeeeeery “Gher-i” song, with a little “Naneh”-influence!!!

Now, my favorite song of the album finally arrives, and it is called “Dorooghe”!! The goosebumps-factor is HIGH! This fare is a top-notch HIT-song!!! Very catchy with LATIN- horn sections and guitars!!! “Ye dorooghe age ashkamo mibini…to boro fekre khodet bash, bad az in tanhaatarini”…there you go, a much needed Iranian “I will survive” song!!! If you desperately need to get over that certain “someone”…to manifest your strength and independence…only to realize in the end that not even you believe a word of what you are saying…than this is YOUR song!!!
After realizing this fact, you just want to get yourself lost in the streets of the night, and the beautiful ballad “Khatte Eshgh”, helps you to become a full-fledged “Shabgard”!!!

But Hey heeeey heeeeeeeeey NOW!!! Time to cheer up once again!!! The “gher-i” sound of the album has returned, with the ninth song called “Roba’i”, in order to take you out to a wild PARTY!!!
So Ladies, don’t forget to bring a loooooooot of “naaz” and your beautiful selves, of course!! And fellows, if you can’t rise to the occasion and be the “knight in shiny armor”, that the ladies demand and deserve…well don’t even bother to show up!!! (*LOL*) Because we are serving “Nagoo Na”, an exquisite and extreeeeeemely “gher-i” Afghan inspired HIT-song, for the grand finale!!! Alright then, THANK YOU!!!

This album is marvelous guys, a beautifully crafted masterpiece!! What ever you do…Don’t you miss it!!! Your music collection and your ears don’t deserve to be without it!!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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