Ashkmehr- ”Be Daadam Beres”

Tarannome Ashkmehr (Iran)
2003 (1382)

Some time ago I reviewed a debut album by a new BOY/GIRL-band in Iran, called PART I!! The album received allots of attention from the readers and I got many questions regarding their “Raghse Mahtaab”!! That album was produced by Ashkmehr and released by his record label, Tarannome Ashkmehr!! Now the man has returned with his own brand new album!! His third full-length, entitled “Be Daadam Beres”!!

Ashkmehr stands naturally for the majority of the album’s lyrics, all printed inside the album cover!! Other artists who have contributed to this collection are Alborz, Amir Alizadeh, Mehdi Anvari, Pedram Keshtkar, Mehdi Mohammadpour, Mehdi Ershadifar, Firouz Visanlou, Afshin Siahpoush, Seed Zehni and Ramtin Karimi!! “Be Daadam Beres” has 10 brand new tracks and is the fourth album released on Tarannome Ashkmehr!!

The album takes off with an up-beat HI-NRG/HOUSE-fare!! “Saadeye Man” is another song that reminds of Leila Forouhar’s “Man o To”!! Specially around the chorus!! This is a long and a bit uneven song, without the traditional verse-chorus-verse structure!! It takes a while before you can frame it in your mind, but once it’s done it sounds very good! Beside the use of “Auto-tune”, the song even features an ANGELIC female-choir!!

Next comes “Baaghe Obour”, a mid-tempo Andalusian/South-American tune, distinguished with acoustic guitars and Indian flutes!! It sound very 70s!! The climax comes around the chorus, which sounds identical to the climax of Ebi’s “Delbar”!! A very nice song!!

The third tune is a Continental/Jazz/Salsa-fare!! “Zavaal” is a lovely mid-tempo tune for summer-evenings!! An ethereal accordion and celestial female-choir compliment its ambience!!

The title-track begins with a lovely piano, …eventually accompanied by a subtle string-section and an ANGELIC female-choir!! Together they shape the DRAMATIC setting of this track!! “Be Daadam Beres” is a down-tempo ballad, with some inspirations from the late Varojan in its arrangements!!…Very nice!!

For those who love the sound and style of the Khajenouri-brothers and Nabizadeh, arrives “Tarranome Eshgh”!! A smooth and mid-tempo Andalusian-tune, where the strings of an acoustic guitar are sovereign!!

Now to a HYBRID!! The 70s’ DISCO, the 80s’ HOUSE and the 2000’s PROGRESSIVE Persian POP meet for an up-beat track!! “Marge Vaazhe” is very experimental and representative for the PROGRESSIVE movement!!

Next comes another Andalusian/South-American tune, reminding of the Khajenouri-brothers’ sound!! Acoustic guitars and Indian flutes court the 70s-inspired “Shab o Sarmaa”!! The use of “Auto-tune” is notable even in this track!!

The acoustic guitars are then moved to the background, in order to give place to a crying POWER-guitar!! “Hejrate Talkh” is another down-tempo ballad!! The Italo-Andalusian sound dominates in this nice track!!

“Forsat Bede” is a song of a Bedouin-EPIC scale!! It starts as a down-tempo tune, and escalates eventually to mid-tempo and finally, up-tempo track!! The ambience is filled with exotic and dramatic essences!! The naked desert, …a travelling caravan, …and the moonlighted night-sky!!

The last track of the album is another HYBRID!! An up-beat Latin/Caribbean fare, with PROGRESSIVE beats!! Along with sporadically emerging LASER DISCO-shots, KITARO-inspired celestial female choir and a ROCKy POWER-guitar solo!! “Nagoo Na” is reminiscent of Nabizadeh’s style!!

Ashkmehr’s new album is a good album, but it suffers from some minor adjusting difficulties!! Intentionally or not, …“Be Daadam Beres” is not exactly listener-friendly!! In fact what I wrote about the first track can be implied to the whole album!! The compositions and the arrangements are a bit unconventional, in the less positive sense of the word!! That means that the texture of the album can be experienced as a bit bumpy and uneven! It takes some time and patience for the listener to re-adjust her/his MAINSTREAM-music-adjusted senses to its almost “incoherent” musical and vocal patterns!! Because even Ashkmehr’s vocal styling is unusual and eccentric!! BUT, once one has done the required re-adjustments, the at-first-shapeless sound gets embodied and begins to grow on one!!

Nevertheless is Ashkmehr’s album a great album for those who understand and appreciate the nature of EXPERIMENTAL music!! Those who have the time and patience to go through the initial process of preparation, might also be a privileged group to witness not only an experiment, but rather a rare moment in history!! A moment significant for the future of the modern Iranian music!!

Note: the image displayed above is not the original album-cover image!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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