Leila Forouhar- ”Live in Concert at Kodak Theatre”

Caltex Records
2003 (1382)

As a kid growing up outside Iran, I was just 10 years old when I first had the pleasure to see miss Leila perform!! The year was 1985 and it was on an old video-tape of the legendary RANGARANG-show from the good old 70s!! Leila sang and danced along with “Cheshmeye Noor”, like a cute little ANGEL, and with every mesmerizing smile and pirouette she made in her dance, my heart went faster and faster!!! And I got closer and closer to something like a REVELATION!! …Right then and right there, I became truly aware of the POWER of the classic and beautiful blend of GRACE and COQUETRY that ONLY the Iranian Ladies posses!! Something extremely PRECIOUS and INSPIRING, that I have learned to discover, appreciate, enjoy and praise in my life and work!!

So it goes without saying that I was absolutely exited when she made a COMEBACK in the early 90s!! And fortunately, ever since has Leila managed to maintain the tradition of annual (original-) album releases, …at least until just recently!! Because there has been a 2-years-gap between her previous “Ghesseye Man, Ghesseye To” and the current LIVE-album!! A void maybe caused by the pleasant changes in Leila’s private life!! … Better said, her MARRIAGE!! Anyway, Leila’s ”Live in Concert at Kodak Theatre” is released as a double-CD album, by Caltex Records!! And because of the nature of the album, I have decided to make it the subject for a so called, “HOLISTIC” review!!

”Live in Concert at Kodak Theatre” is 98 minutes of HIT-packed music!! It features many of her most popular HITS, such as “Chi Sedaa Konam Toro”, “Hamsafar”, “Iran”, Joony Joonom”, “Soltaane Ghalbhaa” in a duet with the great Aref, and a lovely medley of her great HITS from the 70s!! 24 songs, altogether!! There is virtually no single song in this album, that isn’t a crowd-pleaser!! And Leila’s beautiful voice is as SULTRY as ever!! I was on the other hand, not really impressed by Avakian’s sparse musical arrangements!! The quality of the music is relatively weak, compared to Leila’s vocal performance!! The music can barely move along with Leila’s vocal manoeuvres!! The quality is not bad “per se”, but it is not of such a HIGH QUALITY as Shahram Azar’s arrangements for Ebi’s 1994 LIVE-collection (its original long version available only on 3 tapes, in Germany), !! But at the same time, it’s not as poor as Googoosh’s 2001 LIVE-album!! It should also be mentioned that the whole structure and composition of ”Live in Concert at Kodak Theatre” is inspired by the Ebi-album, that once sat the standards for how a LIVE-album should be and sound like!!

If you are already a Leila fan, you’ll without a doubt enjoy this album as a nice addition to your collection!! But if you are NOT a Lila fan, then ”Live in Concert at Kodak Theatre” will serve you as a lovely introduction!! I only wish that Leila would consider releasing the COMPLETE collection of her 70s HITS that are already available on tape entitled “HamParvaaz” from the TARANEH-company!! The already existing “Do Parande”-CD does not do her career justice!! And the remake-medleys, how perfect they now might have been done, are NOT the original marvels!! A release in style with Nooshafarin’s “Memories”, is imperative!!

In closing, I would like to seize the opportunity to congratulate dear Leila and her Husband!! May they live happily ever after!! Whether their next “bundle of joy” is a brand new album or a cute little baby, we’ll welcome it/her/him with our open hearts!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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