Googoosh- “Q Q Bang Bang”

Taraneh Enterprises INC.
2003 (1382)

The so called DVD-single is a relatively new format, even for the Western music industry!! And who better to introduce it to the Iranian market, than the great DIVA herself, …GOOGOOSH!?! The new millennium began with a highly anticipated, but still much surprising COMEBACK of a legend, whose voice and songs are even cherished by the younger generations that weren’t even around during the first active period of her career!! Since then has numerous concerts on the biggest international stages, the studio-album “Zoroaster” and a LIVE-recording preceded the newly released “Q Q Bang Bang” DVD-single!!

The DVD-single comes in a very exclusive package!! It contains one CD-single, one DVD-music video, a booklet of pictures and lyrics, and a signed IDOL-card!! The cover and package design of the release is by the most INNOVATIVE and VISIONARY designer in our music industry!! I still recognise the art-works of BEHZAD by just one glance!! During the 80s, an artistic movement came to create a REVOLUTION in the Iranian music industry!! While Farokh Ahi was the man behind its musical branch and Ali Reza Amirghasemi behind its motion-pictorial branch, the highly acclaimed designer became responsible for incorporating ART and CREATIVITY in the album-package designs!! Before him, the album-covers were equipped with only simple portraits of the artists!! There is such a finesse and perfection involved in his works, that NO ONE has even managed to copy, let alone surpass!! Behzad has recently returned to the Iranian music industry after a few years of partial absence!! I seize this opportunity to welcome this “Master of Art” back, to where he truly is needed!!

“Q Q Bang Bang” is written by Zoya Zakarian and composed by Mehrdad Asemani!! For its arrangements stands Manouchehr Cheshmazar!! The song is a “cinematic” review of a generation’s destiny!! Googoosh takes you on a nostalgic walk down the memory lane! Reminiscing the innocent childhood, the adventurous youth, the rebellious adulthood and …and …and!!! But “Q Q Bang Bang” is not only a chronological and socio-political account of a generation’s turbulent destiny!! It is also a psychological statement on the repetitive and circular course of LIFE!!! “Q Q Bang Bang” is a perfectly produced and beautifully performed BALLAD!! Although this track has a hint of the OLD-SCHOOL Googoosh sound, its composition and arrangements are more in style with the “Zoroaster” album!! It’s an EPIC piece with full-scale and CLASSIC arrangements!! The single even features a semi-instrumental version of “Q Q Bang Bang”!! But unfortunately NO remix-version!!

The DVD-disc contains two versions of the “Q Q Bang Bang” music-video, directed by the talented Koji Zadouri!! One with the English subtitles and one without!! Although the audio and vision of the disc are both of HIGH-QUALITY and the disc has “NO REGIONAL CODING” (playable world-wide), the concept of the video is not really impressing!! All the ideas and images, such as “the artist in the middle of a desert”, “clips from the old Iranian movies” and “children playing in the streets”, have been used over and over again in Koji’s earlier music-videos!! Nevertheless, the concept and story of the video is relatively faithful to the theme of the song!! It should be mentioned that the single is not available on CD without the DVD-disc!!

As I mentioned before, the DVD-single is a new format being introduced to the Iranian market!! And to be completely honest, it is a financially risky experiment!! Cause the format hasn’t even been broadly established in the Western market yet!! But if there is anyone who has such DIE-HARD fans that are ready to pay the relatively high price for something different by their beloved ICON, … it is GOOGOOSH!! Regardless of the outcome of this experiment, one thing is certain, …if it weren’t for Googoosh we would probably have never known!!

A NEW idea + a GREAT song + a GOOD music-video + a GORGEOUS cover-design = An AMAZING COLLECTOR’S ITEM!!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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