Siavash Ghomayshi- ”Bisarzamintar az Baad”

Caltex Records
2003 (1382)

A friend once asked me to describe Siavash Ghomayshi and his music in an analogy or metaphor!! My answer to him was that if we would imagine the LA-based music industry as a post-modern and by-artists-populated “Metropolis”, then miles away from there, in the middle of a barren desert would a “spring” flow-up, surrounded by an “oasis” fertilized by its sparkling water!! A lush piece of colorful land, packed with its indigenous and unique “flora” and “fauna”!! A secluded, but inviting haven, to which the artists do regular pilgrimages in order to get inspired and bring back some of its exotic elements and essences for the vitalization of their own albums!! That ever-flowing spring would be Siavash Ghomayshi!! …And that ever-flourishing oasis, his music!!

For his brand new album, entitled “Bisarzamintar az Baad” or “Landless Like the Wind”, Siavash has decided to confirm and further develop his elaborate collaboration with Erwin Khachikian!! The artist who last year shouldered the rather HEAVY mantle of responsibilities from Steve McCrum, after almost a decade and brought us the beautiful “Neghaab”-album!! Another collaboration that has been confirmed and even strengthened, is the one with the young and talented Iran-based lyricist Yaghma Golrooie!! Yaghma has since some years back, been one of the most popular and active lyricists inside Iran, but ever since his contributions to Siavash’s previous album, his pieces have slowly but surely started to turn up even on the LA-based artists’ albums!! New names featured on “Bisarzamintar az Baad” are Sasan Moghadas and Bahman Kazemian!! The highly anticipated album was postponed for a while, since Siavash wasn’t fully satisfied with its original mixes!! But it is now, just in time for Christmas, finally ready and released by Caltex Record!

The album opens POWERFULLY with the title-track!! “Bisarzamintar az Baad” is a beautiful TRANCE inspired HI-NRG fare!! With pulsing beats and catchy melodies!! The chorus is incredibly OVERWHELMING!! It comes as the wild and free wind that it represents, and sets free the enormous energies that carry Siavash’s “crying” vocals on their wings!! Simply GORGEOUS!! The arrangements are perfectly done, specially around the chorus!! I love the way Khachikian makes us wait for the CLIMAX to arrive!! Instead of jumping on the chorus right after the verse, the song goes “unconventionally” in an energizing and tension-building “trance”, in order to soon be UNLEASHED in the frenetic musical COLLOSEUM of the chorus!! “Bisarzamintar az Baad” is without a doubt one of Siavash’s greatest songs, EVER!! The songs’ title is rather ambiguous though!! Does Siavash consider himself “MORE landless than the wind (= Bisarzamintar az Baad)” or JUST LIKE the wind (=Landless Like the Wind)?? And what is Yaghma’s definition of LANDLESS?? Does it mean that the wind is FREE to explore any horizon and even beyond it (positive sense)?? Or does it mean that the wind is a lost expatriate in exile, longing to find a home in order to settle down (negative sense)?? As I said, the song gives the curious listener a nice BONUS-contemplation!!

Next comes a lovely BALLAD, called “Laanat”!! It is a rather typical Ghomayshi-composition with arrangements reminding of the McCrum-era!! Lovely guitars added by Khachikian!! Some suggest that its lyrical foundation is actually subliminally socio-political!! I however am not sure about the “political” aspect of it!!

“Milaad” is one of “Neghaab”’s most popular tracks, and “Parse” shows perfectly that Siavash is fully aware of that!! “Milaad” practically brought Siavash to the new millenium, through its amazing TRANCE-inspired arrangements!! “Parse” is very close to its GORGEOUS predecessor in many ways!! But most of all, around its chorus!! The song is very catchy and energetic, with yet another pre-chorus suspension, that is EXCLUSIVE to Khachikian’s arrangements!! Although the guys have been a bit too cautious with its chorus, while it could easily be further “underpinned” and “emphasized”, just like in “Bisarzamintar az Baad” or “Milaad”!! Regardless of that, the song is an obvious HIT!!! Such INNOVATIVE and NRG-etic styles are worth to be further explored in my opinion!!

Siavash whistles the tune and carries the SWEET melodies of the mid-tempo “Asal Banoo”!! Yet another typical Ghomayshi-creation with tangible Eastern-influences around its climax!! A very lovely lyrical frame by Yaghma!!

Next track is an up-beat Electro-ROCK fare!! “Age to Beri” has many references to the Electro-REGGAE style of the “Taak”-album, but at the same time it is the most ROCK-oriented track ever performed on an album by Siavash!! This is where Khachikian’s ROCK-influences step forth and take charge!! Truly GORGEOUS!! I can almost imagine the PINK FLOYD-ian LIGHT-SHOW that the guitars of this fare are able to generate in a concert!! A perfect song for the “encore”!!!

You’ll hear the sound of THUNDER and you might suddenly think that “Age to Beri” has shifted gear to a BALLAD!?! But that’s not the case, this is in fact the way “Age to Beri” flows into the sixth track of the album!! I absolutely LOVE the smooth transitions on this album!! Not to mention its mood-setting SOUND-EFFECTS!! “Daryaaye Maghreb” is the only tune on the album, that has not been composed by Siavash!! It’s a lovely BALLAD that recreates a “sea after the storm”-scenery!! You can almost see the dark clouds breaking up and the rays of sunlight shine through on the calming waves!! …Truly lovely!!

The album closes nicely with “Nafas Bekesh”, an up-beat track about HOPE and the waiting for “better days”!! Reminiscent of the McCrum-arrangements!!

Siavash’s music is beautifully SIMPLE!! …it has always been, still is and will probably ALWAYS remain simple!! As simple and beautiful as “the first smile of a new-born child”!! If you undress “Landless Like the Wind”, it will sound as “naked” and uncomplicated as “Farangis” or any other of Siavash’s timeless HITS from the 70s!! Instead, what has happened since then is that the melodies have been “dressed-up”, in various fashionable ensembles!! Each collection in accordance with the trends of that particular era!! And for this important task, mainly three musical “stylists” have been assigned during the past decade!! Iman Foroutan (1/2 of ISHAN) for his rather popular touch of the late 80s’/early 90s’ Electro-REGGAE in “Taak”, Steve McCrum for an amazing sense for the trendy NEW AGE-sound of the 90s and now, …the highly talented Erwin Khachikian, for his elaborate and CLUB-oriented Electro-ROCK “couture”, to re-dress the melodies and make them ready for the new millenium’s musical CATWALKS!! And I am glad to say that he has come through, once again, with flying colors!! What an eye-catching line of sounds he has gathered and emphasized with his GORGEOUS arrangements!! Khachikian has managed to preserve the best features of the old songs’ arrangements, but still up-grade them fundamentally!! This in fact, requires a very ECLECTIC-touch!! Khachikian is a very talented and promising artist and I am eagerly looking forward to his own group, SLOW*MOTION*REIGN’S forthcoming album!!

Now that we are getting close to the end of the review, some might feel that I have not said enough about Siavash’s own efforts and performance in “Landless Like the Wind”!! Well, my answer to you would be: “what MORE is to say, about the creator of a perfect MASTERPIECE!?”! In a short phrase: “he has done it once AGAIN”!! As I said before, the music is beautifully SIMPLE and that makes the album, …simply BEAUTIFUL!! “Landless Like the Wind” is, if not the best, then ONE OF THE BEST collections from this “Master of Art”!! Everyone might find her/his own counterpart for Siavash Ghomayshi in the Western world of music!! I personally would choose someone whose name and face might not be as famous as his internationally acclaimed music!! That person would be the Romanian-born/Ibiza-based singer/writer/composer/producer Michael Cretu!! The man behind the legendary music of one of the last century’s phenomenons, …ENIGMA!! A man with an artistic character, career, credibility, and even VOICE, remarkably close to Siavash’s!! With the hope that Siavash too, one day reaches that INTERNATIONAL success and recognition that he truly deserves, along with a popularity equally OVERWHELMING as his Iranian one!!

Review by: Pourya E.

Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be construed in that manner only! In other words they are not absolute!