Shahyad- “Baraaye To”

Taraneh Enterprises INC.
2003 (1382)

In 1999, the Persian POP/Arabesque -genre went through a serious “upgrade”, via the arrival of a young artist named Shahyad!! Backed up by Mohammad Moghadam, Shahyad delivered a new FLAVOUR for the fans!! Namely the PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE-sound!! Since then, Shahyad has not only advanced as a vocalist, but also as a talented composer!! With a personal style, derived from the OLD-SCHOOL styles of J. Pazouki and S. Nojooki, has Shahyad managed to develop an own TRADEMARK-sound!! A sound so POPULAR that even other established artists, such as Mahasty consider as a HIT-factor!!

His brand new album, part three in a “TO”-trilogy (“Be Naame TO”, “Be Yaade TO” and the current one-) entitled “Baraaye TO”, has been partly-written, partly-arranged and entirely-produced by Shahyad himself!! But he has also incorporated works by other artists, such as Rahman ShokoufehPour, Kazem Alami, Sina Bayat, Jaklin, Fariborz Hajinabi, Yaghma Glorooie and M. Cheshmazar!! The album contains 8 brand new tracks, and is released on Taraneh Enterprises INC..

The album kicks off with a PROGRESSIVE BANDARI-fare!! Moghadam did enhance the BANDARI-sound remarkably a few years ago, and today Shayhad has managed to take it to yet another level!! …WOW!! What a SLAMMING-tune!! I love the ELECTRIFYING post-chorus melodies!! “Delbar” is the first FLOOR-FILLER track of the album!! …a RED/HOT GHER-WARNING sticker(*LOL*)!!

It is then followed-up by yet another GHER-WARNING sticker-requiring song!! “Man Bishtar” is a lovely Persian POP/Arabesque-song built COMPLETELY upon the TRADEMARK-sound of Babak Radmanesh!! The man behind Omid’s “Doostat Daaram”, along with a number of other similar productions!! But Shayad has even managed to take THIS sound to another level!! Now, THAT ALONE is ADMIRABLE!! The song is simply GORGEOUS!!

“Pedar Bozorg”, “Maadar” and now, …”Pedar”!! Shahyad has established himself as a true FAMILY-man!! And he shows his love and devotion for his loved-ones by creating one song after another, dedicated to the family-members and close relatives!! “Pedar” is rhythmic and up-lifting, in the same fashion as “Pedar Bozorg” was!!! The sound is obviously derived from the LEGENDARY sound of Sadegh Nojooki!! But it is done MASTERFULLY!! It shows that Shahyad is not only a fan of these masters’ styles, but he has also studied them in detail! And “respectfully” developed them further!! …My hat’s off!!

Next comes yet another song that proves Shahyad’s conservative values and his deeply-rooted love for the family and the family-HOME, in particular!! Not many artists do, …or even CAN sing about such a RARE social/emotional subject SO sincerely, that they manage to convince and attract the attentions in today’s HECTIC-world!! This does Shahyad in “Khoone”!! …and he does it very WELL!!

“Parvardegaar” is a LOVELY and mid-tempo Persian POP-song created by the talented artist Sina!! With a lovely male-choir performance incorporated!! Rhythmic and up-lifting!! The fourth FLOOR-FILLER of the album, already!!

Remarkably, more and more of the YOUNGER artists are today dedicating, at least one song on their albums to the beloved motherland!! And that is a behaviour that shows the young generation’s increased interest in the country and their engagement in its questions!! Simply called “Vatan”, is Shahyad’s contribution to the consolidation of this tradition!! HI-NRG-etic “up-beat” with a lovely touch of violin!!

Next comes a TYPICAL and beautiful LOVE-SONG by Shahayd! With “anonymous” Iran-based creator/creators!! If you’ve lost THE love of your life, …and on top of everything, the separation has been caused by her/him, but you still Iranian-ly (=Irrationally *LOL*) just NEED her/him back, no matter the price!!! …then call this LUCKY person up and hold the phone next to the speaker, playing Shayad’s “Delam Baraat Tang Shode”!!!(*LOL*)

“BiBi Gol” comes as Shahyad’s lovely choice for the album-sealer!! Created by the Iran-based artists Yaghma and Fariborz!! Rhythmic and up-lifting is the MARK for this album, and this song in particular!! It has in its arrangement sampled a very short but NOSTALGIC segment from one of the late Hayedeh’s early HITS (featured on the soundtrack of the motion-picture “Mehmaan”, starring Leila Forouhar)!! Very lovely, indeed!!

When you look at the album-cover of “Baraaye To”, you’ll see Shahyad posing in a very stylish and trendy wardrobe!! In fact, he looks like having gone through a very popular “FAB 5-makeover” (and this I say as a pure compliment)!! But Shahyad’s image is not the ONLY thing that has gone through minor changes!! His music too has been “tjuzsed up” (for those unfamiliar with the FAB 5-terminology, it simply means FRESHENED-UP)!!! And this has made Shahyad’s normally catchy and hooky music, to even more CATCHIER and FRESHER than before!!! His new album taps on the same tradition as his two previous ones, but it is in a sense even more RHYTHMIC and ENERGETIC!! He derives inspirations “heavily” from here and there, …past and present, BUT he does it eclectically and with CLASS!! So masterfully, that he actually ENHANCES the references and EXALTS the original sources!! Shahyad proves with this album that he has got an AMAZING talent for HIT-manufacturing!! Every single song is well-written, well-arranged and well-produced!!! And every single style used on this album will be a sure HIT with the fans!!! Even though I personally miss the gorgeous PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE-style of songs like “Aasemouni”, on this album!! Nevertheless, “Baraaye To” is a HEAVY-WEIGHT album!! And its numerous HITS will definitely be 2004’s FLOOR-FILLERS!!

On a Persian POP/Arabesque-“spectrum”, Shahyad is a “conservative” when it comes to the lyrics and the vocal-styling!! The closest to Moein, in fact!! But he is also a “liberal”, when it comes to the music!! That is a rather RARE but beautiful combination that he has managed to balance and maintain!! The Persian Arabesque-genre has by “successfully” marrying “melancholic” lyrics with almost “euphoric” melodies, always been a norm-defying and PARADOXICAL-phenomenon!! And Shahyad’s personal combination is a perfect “specimen” of its success!! Shahyad is, without a doubt, a true RISING STAR!! He is young and multi-talented, and he is STILL advancing as an artist!! So, it is not really TOO difficult for one to PREDICT where he is heading!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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