Shahkar Bineshpazhouh - “Eskenaas”

Moasseseye Naghmeye Davoodi (Iran)
2004 (1383)

Shahkar Bineshpazhouh and Behrooz Saffarian are both known for their contributions to other popular artists’ (such as Mohammad Esfehani and Ali Reza Assar) albums. Today, these artists have teamed-up for the production of a 4-track-EP called “Eskenaas”, marketed as “the first Iranian RAP-collection, with a socio-critical approach” in the domestic MEDIA!! the circumstances around the release are rather confusing though, not before its release was the name of the official “artist” announced! It was more likely to be the work of a “group”, but finally the lyricist and vocalist of “Eskenaas” became also the official “name” behind it!!

The first of the four songs on the EP is “Eshghe Laati”. And as the title indicates it begins with a “Shahre Ghesse”-inspired declaiming at its intro, …JAAHELI-style!! …HAALLLLLLITTTTTTE???!(*LOL*) the music is heavily influenced by the Panjabi MC and his popular TRADEMARK “bhangra“-signature! Shahkar’s RAPping style reminds of both Shahram Azar’s (Sandy) and -believe it or not- Parviz Sayad’s in “Samad o Do Leila”!! while assuming different characters by his vocal-manoeuvres (Asef’s) HAAJI-style!!

Next comes a song directed at the POP-music industry, inside and outside the country. “Khaananade” is a text-book for, and account of how an Iranian POP-STAR is born!! The Jazzy/Funky “scatting” at the intro develops further to a charade of artist-imitations!! Some of the artists to be criticized and ridiculed are: Black Cats, Hasan Shamaeezadeh, Mohammad Esfehani, Khashayar Etemedai (and indirectly also Dariush) among some others.!! the RAPping-style changes here to one reminding more of Shahbal Shabpareh’s!!

“Tavaanaa Bovad Har ke “Daaraa” Bovad, …“ Shahkar declaims and kicks-off the title-track “Eskenaas”! this is the scatting artist’s “manifestation” on the role and power of the “Ching-Ching” in this material-world of ours!!

The EP gets rounded out by another type of LuuuuvE! “Eshghe Khiaabaani” is a Country/Rock-n-Roll-inspired tune about the ALLAAF-life style of some of the UP-TOWN-YOUTHS!! I guess this “topic” is a rather common one, in all the class-based societies of both West and East!

There is something very “paradoxical” or better said “schizophrenic (at its worst even hippocratic)” about the entire project!! Confusing factors, that contradicts its purpose while weakening its credibility!! “Eskenaas” wants to come across as an ALTERNATIVE/INDIPENDENT production (the collection is in EP-format, format used mainly by INDIPENDENT-artists in West) with a Ghetto/DOWN-TOWN critical-approach to the “charades” of the rich and decadent UP-TOWN-society!! But the result strikes one more like a “Bacheye-paaye-khat-WANNABE” from UP-TOWN, trying to be COOL while “making fun“ of his “HOMIES“!!

The very fact that it is actually sub-titled as “Kaari az Gorouhe Tolidkonandegaane Moosighie HERFEYIe POPe Iran”, …the Biography/CVs of the men behind it and the fact that they themselves are so called “insiders” (both of the Industry and the “Society“), dements the project’s aforementioned claims!! Not to mention the resemblances to the concept and MAINSTREAM HIP-HOP-sound of Black Cats’ “Pool“, which strips it of anything close to ORIGINALITY!! the “Eskenaas”-team criticise artists such as Mohammad Esfehani, for whom they themselves literally produce!!?? And if it’s only a “tongue-in-cheek” critique, then why on earth do they label their music as seriously “socio-critical”????!!! as I said, there are these rather confusing details that turns Shahkar to something more of an Iranian VANILLA ICE!! …than an Iranian EMINEM!! Entertaining?? …ABSOLUTELY!!! …more than that?? …hummmm!!

Note: the image displayed above is not the original album cover image!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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