Kaveh Yaghmaei - “Matarsak”

Barbad Music Inc. (Iran)
2003 (1382)

To have a famous ROCK-star for a father and a mentor does not ALWAYS work in favour of you!! Specially if your are an aspiring artist yourself! While the “surname” can hold some privileges in the Industry, the same factor can build up TOO HIGH expectations in the music market! Time has come for one of Kourosh Yaghmaei’s sons to prove his artistic “maturity” by riding alone, without his father equipped only with his debut album “Matarsak”!! entirely composed and arranged by Kaveh himself, while having Mazda Shahani as its lyricist. The album holds 10 tracks and is released on BARBAD MUSIC.

The albums starts off with an up-beat and NRG-etic tune, called “Pole bi Obour”. it is an Electro-ROCK song with GREAT HIT-potentiality! Follows the HIT-formula word by word, with catchy melodies, hooks and a well-placed CLIMAX! A lovely track reminiscent of his father’s HITS.

Next comes a mid-tempo PSYCHEDELIC ROCK song, where the guitars and the bass RULE! Again a nice chorus, followed by a an up-beat segment! The influences of “Panjehaaye Aavaaz” are rather scattered though, ranging from ROCK to REGGAE!! That in fact makes this song to an experimental and innovative marvel!

“Chahaar-shanbe Souri” is, as the title indicates, a tune about the last Tuesday of the year! It’s an up-beat track, kicked off by an electric-guitar solo. Once again very 80s! A fusion of the 6/8 POP with the Electro-ROCK. Very lovely!

A ROCK/BLUES song goes AMBIENT/HARMONY!! It’s the case of the smooth “Royaaye Bisetaare”, with its celestial guitars! DEFINTELY a song for the ROADS!!

The fifth track is only a 1:45 seconds long PIANO-SOLO!

Followed by the title-track, which judging by the subtitle of the album (Believe me, I‘m still the scarecrow in the garden of melancholy), might very well be an auto-biographic song!? And MELANCHOLY it delivers!! A DARK and narrative tune reminiscent of his father’s HITS!

It is then followed up closely by an Electro-ROCK version of itself! with the short duration of the original version and the smooth overture in mind, we “could” and SHOULD consider them as two parts of the same song! That way, they do not only complete each other, but turn also into a great HIT-package.

Next comes “Baavare Rizeshe Barg”, a mid-tempo tune in the same fashion as the album’s second track. Once again hits the guitar-solo the CLIMAX and reigns supreme!

Another ENERGISED and EXTENDED song-version fills the album! This version of “Pole bi Obour” is only slightly longer and ROCKier than the original!

To seal the album, comes an instrumental SYMPHONY/Electro-ROCK tune called “Partgah”! somewhat 70s and PINK FLOYDian I must say!

Kaveh is nowadays a spitting-image of his father, and his voice too evokes the same nostalgic feelings in the listener! But not only does he share his father’s physical features, he is also endowed with the same taste and talent in music! The music is simply an ENHANCED 2000-version of his father’s MELNACHOLIC/PSYCHEDELIC ROCK-style and POP-sound! Hey, if they weren’t related, I would even call Kaveh a sound-alike! And maybe I should!!? Nevertheless is this a well-produced and by all definitions an EXEPTIONAL album! Kaveh does not only meet the expectations raised by his surname, but he does actually surpass them!! By being LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE at the same time!! A RARE combination in the Iranian industry in fact! The Iranian industry, both outside and inside the country, suffers generally from a subtle EXTREMISM! Dividing the artists mainly in two camps: One for those who are being dogmatic about the OLD-SCHOOL ways, and one for those who advocate solely a “modern” approach!! Living the space in-between a “no man’s land”! …an empty vacuum! Kaveh is one of the “few” who has dared to enter this space and to EXPERIMENT!! While being influenced by the both camps actually!! Thus is the result STRIKING and IPRESSIVE!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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