Saeid Shahrouz - “Golabetoun”

Hamavaaz Aahang (Iran)
2004 (1382)

Time for the brand new release from Saeid Shahrouz, entitled “Golabetoun”! The album continues the elaborate Shahrouz-Abtahi collaboration and features 12 track composed by Shahrouz himself and arranged by Behnam Abtahi. The lyricists contributing to the collection are Yaghma Golroee, Afshin Siahpoush, Mohammad Reza Habibi, Babak Sahraee, Javad Sharifpour and Mehrdad Afzali. “Golabetoun” is released on the Hamavaaz Aahang.

“Nane-Khorsheed” opens the album and is a typical ETHNO-DANCE fare by Shahrouz, with rhythmic FOLKLORE-influences! Reminiscent of the “Ghazalak”-album. a very lovely opener I must say!

Next comes another ETHNO-DANCE track as a “melange” of different Iranian ethnic and FOLKLORE-influences!! Get ready for a pleasant sightseeing-trip around our beloved motherland, with Shahrouz as our eminent guide!! You don’t wanna miss that!! and believe me, … you definitely DON’T wanna miss “Chesmaaye to yani Vatan” either!!

The title-track enjoys a very soft piano-laden intro, and the man’s lovely voice of course! Just enough smooth to soon shift to a middle-tempo CONTINENTAL inspired song!! Ahaay “Golabetoun” …beram ghorboonetoun…

WOOOOHOOOO!!! The Arabo-Anadalusian sound is BACK!! Although in a more subtle and Anatolian sound in “Vaghteshe”! the Shahrouz-Abtahi CLIMAX CREATOR-formula is used here, strangely for the first on this album!!? Love the rhythm!!

BLUE!! …BLUE is the feeling and BLUE is the colour of the melodies conveyed by Sharouz in “Atre Baroon”!! …something tells me that it’s going to be a DARK and RAINY night in the LOVERS’ hearts, …tonight!! “Gofti mesle kooh roo harfet mimooni, chera mesle naghshi rooye aab shodi?…”…declaims our meteorologist and finishes his emotional weather-report!!

As I have said before, what would a Saeid Shahrouz-album be without a pure FOLKLORE-track??!! Well, we wont find out …not yet at least, because here comes “Delakam” as a rhythmic LORI-anthem! I am not sure about Shahrouz’ background, but considering the authenticity woven in his voice, it wouldn’t suspire me if that actually was the case!!

A rather DRAMATIC-intro leads us into the seventh song of the album!! “Bibie Sharghi” is yet another typical ETHNO-DANCE fare by Shahrouz, with FOLKLORE-influences!! But here spiced with a pinch of ARABESQUE-rhythms and sounds!!

Now to the outrageously underrepresented sound on this particular album, and my ABSOLUTE favourite track on it!! “Eblis” …what an UNIQUE title for a song!! As a lyricist, I have always admired artists who could incorporate RARE and UNIQUE words and themes in their pieces!! While “Lucifer” has had the privilege to be featured on numerous Western pieces, it is one of the few times (if not the FIRST!!) that the “Fallen Angel” has graced an Iranian song-title!! And what a lovely song it is!! The 80s and the sound of artists like Sadegh Nojooki are being evoked!! The intro might be recognisable fro many of you guys out there!!…? I ABSOLUTELY adore this RYTHMIC GEM!! Such a SHAME that it is the ONLY song, representing this marvellous SOUND!!

The sound of the 70s, …and “Mahtaab”! in a mid-tempo arrives the song and takes us back on a nostalgic trip to the GOLDEN decade of Iranian POP-music!! I can almost see the GLITTER of the RANGARANG-Show’s “decor“ behind Shahrouz, ….!!

Abtahi seems to get more and more interested in the ARBESQUE-sound!! And judging be the rather lovely result in “Avvalin Baar”, we should anticipate more EXPERIMENTAL works by this man in the genre!!

“Choube Haraaj” is a soft TECHNO-inspired track with throbbing BEATS and a folklore undertone! There is something very UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC about Shahrouz’ vocal-styling that conveys a blend of ethnic BLUES (sadness) and sincerity!! That manages to come across in every single style he uses, even in this brand of PERSIAN-TECHNO!!

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that this album over-represents the FOLKLORE sound! And here is “Pirhane Aabi” too prove that, yet another typical ETHNO-DANCE fare by Shahrouz, with FOLKLORE-influences!!

Even the WORST Saeid Shahrouz-album is still a “good” Iranian POP-album! The man basically and luckily NEVER dives below a certain level of QUALITY and QUANTITY!! And this very fact, keeps his offerings among the most popular and high-ranking albums inside Iran! “Golabetoun” is in fact a VERY GOOD-Shahrouz album, but compared to his previous album “Joone Man o Joone Shoma“, which I personally consider as his MAGNUM OPUS yet, the current one falls a bit short of SMASH HIT-material! …Unfortunately! The album suffers from an anti-CLIMAX-factor rooted in the compositions, which tend to leave the most choruses somewhat FLAT!! while the previous albums’ all were packed with songs of the “Eblis”-calibre, that LIFTED!! nevertheless is “Golabetoun” still a PLEASER for every Shahrouz- and QUALITY-production fan out there!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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