Majid - “Aakharin Mashough”

2004 (1383)

Although holding Farshid Amin as a “winning card“, it’s been a while now since PARS VIDEO was a serious player in the MODERN/MAINSTREAM market! Due to the reported “downs” in the 90s perhaps! And it is truly a shame, considering the company’s leading role as a pioneer in exile-media back in the early 80s! Let’s hope now that Majid’s debut album is the “push” the company needs in order to catch up with the younger fans! The album is entitled “Aakarin Mashough” and contains 9 tracks! The contributing artists are Afshin Yadollahi, Erik, Mehrdad Farahani, Omid Hojat, F. Yeganeh, Mohammad Shams, Zoya Zakarian, Mohammad Shams, Afshin Siahpoosh, Iman Hojat, Ali Defaei, J Mahjour and Saeid Habibi.

The album opens with the mellow title-track. “Aakharin Mashough” is a lovely ANDALUSIAN/Mediterranean ballad, with tangible references to the similar sound produced INSIDE Iran today! A lovely female-choir and a well-arranged song in general! This is a REMAKE of a so called “Middle Eastern Melody”!????!!

(Note: I’m so disappointed in artists who are “lazy” in presenting the real facts about the songs they cover! As I said, in these days of Internet and satellite-TVs, soon or later everyone will find out about the ORIGINALS (if now they already don’t!!). it just shows bad sportsmanship and engagement! And there are even cases of artists who have gone even longer and not only “forgot” to write the name of the songs original creators, but even declared it as their OWN creation!!! The recent much disappointing example is Shadmehr Aghili’s plagiarism of the Greek SUPER-STAR Notis Sfakianakis’ song “PARE ME”!! a song copied down to its arrangements by Shadmehr and called …”Dele Divoune”!! yes, sadly the very same song that I personally declared as MY favourite track! Not knowing back then about the scandalous fact (thanks to my dear reader Mehdi, who not only informed me about the case, but even sent me the original song as a proof)! …of course is Majid’s case not a plagiarism, not even close! Because unlike Shadmehr, he has not declared HIMSELF as the creator! But still it is a “sad” step …that should be reconsidered! Now back to the album …)

The ANDALUSIAN/Mediterranean sound continues in “Gelaaye” in a slightly faster pace. The song shifts in the middle to an EASTERN sound! …and then back again!! Nothing disturbing, just pleasant!

The third tune is one of the stronger songs of the album with a solid HIT-potential!! “Soroode Hasti” brings us back to the early (pre-revolution) works of Babak Radmanesh and his legendary “Age Eshgh Hamine…” to be precisely! What a lovely OLD-SCHOOL song, the arrangement lacks that particular “edge” that the song deserves…but still very lovely!!

Next comes another mellow BLUES-inspired ballad with terrific guitar-solos! A song perfect for a breezy summer-evening …”Banouye Aabipoush” is graceful!

Now to amore 6/8-oriented tune with both references to the sound of M. Moghadam and Bijan Mortazavi! Once again, I’m truly impressed by the cohesive arrangement!! “Behesh Begin” is the GHERIEST song of the album!!

Another Persian-TECHNO track in 2004??!! I think that I must have JINXed it (chashm zadam) a while ago, when I said that it was about to decline!! …but NOOOO!! (*LOL*)!! Well it’s good that Majid had managed to keep the “so called” TECHNO elements to a minimum! And the best thing about “Aasemoone Shab” is its touch of electric guitars!!

And the guitars keep on crying …in this EBI-inspired song!! “Fanoose Daryaayi” is without a doubt inspired by EBI, his vocal-styling and HITS!! Hmmmm!!? …I am seriously starting to wonder about a possible connection between Majid and either Europe (with Ebi-sound-alikes such as Salar and Hesam) or Iran (…Ghasem Afshar and Mehrshad)!!? either way, nice arrangement!

The EPIC-opening by Mohammad Shams continues the EBI-influences!! Majid’s “Eshghe Bozorg” is Iran, and knowing this you’ll get an “A+” from yours truly, if you RIGHT NOW guess which Ebi song it reminds of….(*LOL)!! (more clues? A nationalistic song that has in recent years evoked some controversies!!)

There is nothing like a beautiful and delicate female voice reciting at the intro of a song!! And “Baazie Zamaane” gets beautiful with its “mysterious” guest opening it!! A nice mid-tempo song that wraps up Majid’s debut!!

Judging by Majid’s e-mail address (featured on the album-cover) I understand that he must be France-based. And to be honest with you, it did cross my mind immediately once I heard his album and saw the name of Ali Defaei (Sayeh’s album)! BUT!! I still think that Majid has a STRONG artistic link to Iran! beside having Iran-based artists contributing to the creation of the album (artists such as A. Siahpoosh) there is also a certain “flavour” in his style that doesn’t exist in LA! A rather NICE and FRESH flavour actually!! Not to mention his vocal-styling with subtle references to Ebi’s (indic. the sound-alike culture) and Davood Naghoor’s!! Nevertheless, is “Aakarin Mashough” a STRONG collection, specially when it comes to technicalities and it arrangements. There is just an “edge” missing in the whole package …which MIGHT prevent it to become the HIT-album it deserves to be!! Overall, …a nice job by Majid and PARS VIDEO! KEEP UP the GOOD WORK guys!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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