Jamshid - “Khoshaamadi”

Avang Music Co.
2004 (1383)

Although very rare, but it’s always nice to see a newcomer keeping the release of her/his follow-up close to the debut! therefore Jamshid’s “Khoshaamadi”, with only ONE year interval does not only make one raise the eyebrows in a surprise but also sharpens the critical ears!! The new album features collaboration with Abbas Khoshdel, Kazem Alami, Behzad Nayeri, Fred Mirza, Gheisar Aminpour, Babak Radmanesh, Bijan Saeedi, Amir Badakhsh, Shahyad, Azar Ghobadi and Mehdi Davoodi. The album holds 9 tracks and is released on AVANG MUSIC CO., just like its predecessor!

“Khoshaamadi” is the title-track and what better way to welcome us listeners by??! The song is a mid-tempo and TYPICAL Radmanesh creation. The man’s signature is all over this piece and if you do get reminded of Moein’s two-year-old HIT “Gozashte”, don’t worry!! You are definitely not the only one!! A very lovely tune with obvious HIT-potential.

The next song changes style, although not really the sound! “Man Aashegham” is a BANDARI-fare. A song for you to dance away those HOT SUMMER NIGHTS with!! Another obvious HIT with enough commercial potential!

Now to THE HIT of the album!! “Shaahkaar” can definitely live up to its title, and SHAKE THE DANCE FLOORS!!! An energetic ARABESQUE-fare with a melange of various tangible ETHNIC influences! The arrangement is simply OUTSTANDING! The HIT-factor hits the roof and a not-so-sneaky GHER, …the KAMARS(*LOL*)!! I only have one question: WHO IS this dancing goddess gracing Jamshid’s video-clips with her charming and mesmerising moves?????????!!!!!!!

“Yek Deli” is a traditional ballad with EASTERN influences. A generic and typical sound, that will satisfy its fans, of all ages!

Once again back to the TRADEMARK-sound of the HIT-MAKER! And yet another HIT!! “To” is both coherent and catchy, while enjoying a TOP NOTCH-arrangement! Formulaic, but still astonishing!!

Now to a song derived form a KURDISH FOLKLORE-original!! “Khanah Bandan” is up-beat and reminds arrangement-wise strongly of Bijan’s instrumental HIT “Ronak”! A style very suitable for Jamshid’s voice, and if he is NOT of a Kurdish descent …I would be very surprised! Not to mention more impressed!!

“Hamzaboon” is a mid-tempo and GHERI tune, equipped with a 2-minute-long intro!! Wherein Jamshid’s vocal abilities are showcased and framed by only the piano! A song reminiscent of the sound of the 80s. Once again, very lovely!

Why not stay in the 80s, while we’re already there?!! Like it or not, “Hamsar” intends to! Traditional and romantically soft, especially for those with “marriage” on their minds!

A TRANCE foundation, carrying a REMAKE of “Yaaraa Yaaraa”, puts an end to the lovely album! The fusion is smoothly operated, but lacks that certain “edge” required for VOCAL-TRANCE endeavours!! Nevertheless is this a nice song, representing the sound that might in the future …if elaborately done, …enhance this genre!!

Jamshid’s debut was a relatively strong offering from a newcomer, but naturally not flawless! “Khoshaamadi” is much STRONGER and more perfect than its older sibling! It features basically the same ARABESQUE/POP style as the previous album, but here in a more refined and enhanced sound! The general weakness of Jamshid’s music is that it - deliberately or not - gets too close to either Omid’s or Moein’s!! …way too often!! except in those cases where Jamshid incorporates the FOLKLORE inspirations in his music and the ETHNIC influences in his vocal styling, which manage to give him that certain flavour required for “distinction“ in the spectrum!! Hopefully, we’ll hear more of that “flavour” in Jamshid’s future works!

The extra Horsepower and HIT-potential brought to the collection, courtesy of Radmanesh, are both unavoidable and astonishing!! But despite its loyal service here, the Radmanesh-sound has started to send, although subtle, but still alarming signs of …over-use and a risk for rigidity!! The formula itself is still more than coherent and valid to be used in future creations, its 2-year-old and paling sound-elements on the other hand, aren’t!! a need for minor up-dates is getting slowly but surely crucial!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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