Gheisar - “The Kaiser”

2004 (1383)

Caesar, César, Csar, Kaiser and …Gheisar! One of the most powerful political institutions in history, presented here in various languages! Not only that, but the title is also associated to two of the film-history’s legendary characters: the Iranian Gheisar (Gheisar) and the American Kaiser Soze (the Usual Suspects)! Gheisar is also the name of the recent member in KOJI’s “artist-stable”, who seems to have been more or less influenced by the image of both cinematic characters! and judging by the man’s signature KAISER and the bilingual album title “THE KAISER” ( the German title “Der Kaiser”, here instead with the English definite article! Deliberately or by mistake, we do not know!) Gheisar might have a link to a German-speaking country! The album, written and composed mainly by the artist himself, contains surprisingly 10 tracks and is released on PARS VIDEO U.S.A, despite of the “Dorough” video-clip presenting Taraneh Enterprises Inc. as the official label (initially meant to be released on the latter label, perhaps). Other collaborators are Manouchehr Cheshmazar, Koji, Bora and Alleno X.

“Laat”, a humours TEEN-POP creation written by Koji himself, as a link in his traditional theme on the “common Iranian man’s life and culture” and the “Iranian Cinema“, is THE commercial HIT of the album! 6/8 and designed for the fans of the BOYZ-sound! The whole definition of Koji‘s “Laat” seems to be derived from the “Jaahel” phenomenon (Namoos, marefat, …), instead of the original term! The etymological JAAHEL/LAAT confusion and adequateness of this “Romanticisation” (“Gheisar” the movie has through decades been criticised for triggering and glorifying an uncivil social violence) and the combination of “laat + Vanak + Baa-namak” can be further discussed, nevertheless is this still an amusing and catchy TEEN-anthem! Mostly for the youngsters inside the country, who are more familiar with the social features of the term!

Next comes a DREAM/TRANCE song that immediately stroke me as a cover, when I first heard it! But the quest for the original version brought a sadder revelation upon me! “Raasti” which according to the album cover is supposed to be created by Kaiser himself, is in reality written by Ashkan Rahimian and composed by Pedram Keshtkar in Iran! Released 9 months ago under the title of “Doroughaki” by Mojtaba Kabiri in his “Mareke” album!! In other words …a “plagiary“!!! what can I say, that I haven‘t said before in this regard??! Once again, …SO SOOO TRAGIC!!!!

Back to the 80s and early 90s, the sound of Morteza and Susan Roshan! And …the arrangements of Farokh Ahi. The rhythmic mid-tempo “Khaal”, its VOCALS and its TAAR bring me back to the album of Milad “Avaazekhaane Naashenaas”. a lovely SUMMER-tune! Ends very poorly, by muting in a not so smooth fashion!!

We mentioned the Ghomayshi-sound-alike Mojtaba Kabiri, and the presence of his song on Gheisar’s album! Therefore is the Ghomayshian “Aakh” not really a surprise! The fans of the old Shadmehr Aghili sound will appreciate this autumnal tune!

“Dorough” is an up-beat Euro-/HI-NRG track that has already found its way to Gheisar’s hearts, by the release of the video-clip! A rather good and catchy song, that could have been better through a more elaborate arrangement!

A KOJI-artist without a nationalistic, or at least nostalgic song?? Not possible!! “Khoone” comes to serve Gheisar as a nice ballad in this purpose! Everything about this song is well-balanced, specially the musical arrangement! Vocally reminiscent of Shahrum Kashani and Saeed Mohammadi!!

The melancholic violin opens this “BIJAN-ian” ballad, with a DRAMATIC overtone!! The song is presented as “Gerye” on the cover, but I suspect an error in the print! Gheisar cries “Gerye” mikonam! And him we do believe! I happen to like this tune very much, specially the gorgeous arrangement!

Ballad after ballad fills “the Kaiser”! the possibly “Nasle Shekaste” (officially “Gerye” on the cover) is another one in line, with a sound used broadly in today’s Iran (Khashayar Etemadi)! The song is a bit ambiguous and blurry in its path and performance, than the previous ballads! And the scattered arrangement, doesn’t really help the case!

The errors on the album cover do not seem to end with the previous tracks! “Asir” is based on Gheisar’s FAQ on the next title, “Cheraa”!! needless to say is this one too a mid-tempo ballad with a similar appeal as the previous track!

Another upbeat DREAM-HOUSE/EURO-NRG tune ends the album! A lovely DREAM-piano at the intro, electric guitar and the throbbing beats grace “Asir” (officially “Cheraa” on the cover)! Almost in same style as “Dorough”!

Gheisar looks and sounds like a typical KOJI-endorsed artist! A “pretty boy” with an appearance and voice strangely close to Kia’s, could easily be a long lost member of the BOYZ!! The main target group: Screaming Female Teenagers! Overall, is “the Kaiser” a nice sounding collection! Except for the tragic case of plagiarism, the rest of the album is technically and artistically appealing. A bit monotonous and formulaic though, specially towards the end of the album with one ballad after another! It’s nothing that we haven’t heard before, but still an offering of a commercial calibre! At least for its quantity! A musical cross between the BOYZ, Siavash Shams and Shadmehr Aghili can’t go wrong with the (late-) TEEN-POPPERS!! And this is very close to what PARS VIDEO needs as a company, in order to catch up with that “album-buying and concert-going” demographical section of the music fans!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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