Bahador Kharazmi - “Too in Zamoone”

Avang Music Co.
2004 (1383)

”The new MILLENNIUM has been dubbed the age of REMAKES and REMIXES by the international club-music establishment and society. A very popular musical movement led by a line of international dance music-acts and projects, known as the “RE-PLAYERS”, is currently evoking a cluster of hits from the 70s, 80s and the 90s on the European and American club-scenes. The Iran-based and academically trained Amir Bahador Kharazmi can be regarded as the Iranian ambassador of this international movement, and his debut album a tribute and homage to some of Iranian music-history’s most prominent artists and their timeless masterpieces. Amir Bahador Kharazmi has in his “Too in Zamoone”, nostalgically and respectfully restored these modern-classics, while creatively and innovatively reintroducing them in a cavalcade of acid VOCAL-TRANCE, ambient TEHNO-DANCE and euphoric EURO-TECHNO to the younger- and future generations to come.”

The passage above was written by yours-truly, as a presentation piece amid the release of Bahador Kharazmi’s debut album entitled “Too in Zamoone” and what better way to start the review than with this introduction!? Many of’s loyal visitors, have closely followed the emergence and development of Bahador Kharazmi’s artistic career through the past year and heard the early versions of some of his songs, that has already been classed as HITs by the Iranian e-community! The 10-track album, however, brings you the enhanced and prime-quality versions of the tracks, along with a couple of newly recorded pieces! “Too in Zamoone” is released on Avang Music Co..

The album opens with ”Nejatam deh Mara az Man”, a TWILIGHT/GOTHIC intro graced with dark and mysterious effects and low-pitched vocals reciting all the way into the first full-length track!

”Mosafer” is the first track on the album covering an old Afshin Moghaddam anthem! This song has also been covered by Mekabiz! Being the most recent production on the album, the song delivers naturally the more mature and elaborate ”arrangement”! the GOTHIC/EPIC chant-choir is simply amazing and tends to build up a dark and mysterious ambience!

”Tanha Tooye Iroon (Akh Joon)” is another new track on the album, with Bahador’s typical CATAPULTING-beats! Needless to say is the NOSTALGIC/ semi-NATIONALISTIC theme of the song PERFECT for ALL seasons of our beautiful and multifaceted motherland!! …a PARTY GEM!!!

Bahador’s version of the late Hayedeh’s great old ”Gole Sangam” is already a HIT with the fans!! Offering the listeners an OWN specific blend of throbbing HI-NRG beats entwined with BIG ROOM-/GOTHIC TRANCE elements! If only the choir was further emphasised, just like in ”Mosafer”!

Now to the main anthem… ”Too in Zamoone (Y! Y!)”!! …THEEE MEGA HIT of the album! This sensational gem truly introduced and established Bahador’s own brand of EURO-TECHNO, heavily influenced by the GERMAN-sound and the SCOOTER’s in particular! The LIVE/STADIUM experience has here been boosted by the CATAPULTING-beats, heavy FORMULA 1-charged lines and echoing crowd cheer/chanting! As you already know, lately it has not only been the INTERNATIONAL artists’ pieces that have got abused and ”ripped off” by the indecent elements of the Iranian industry, but also the Iran-based artists’ whose creations are not equally protected by the international copyright laws! this became unfortunately the case for Bahador’s remake of the old Shabpareh-hymn, which was ripped off completely down to its minor sound elements, earlier this year by Kambiz and Mohammad Sattari! And the rest is history!

Another characterising feature of Bahador’s sound is its nostalgic BACK-TO-CHILDHOOD approach, with references to the artistic school of NAIVISM!! …and the cultural NATIVISM!! The lead of ”Khooneye Madarbozorge” is here the perfect example of this distinction! Laden by HARD-NRG beats and heavy charged bassline!

Time for the second Afshin Moghaddam cover! ”Zemestoon” with its DROP-BEATS, twinkles and TECHNO inspired setting has subtle references to the ITALO-DISCO of the 80s!

The CATAPULTING-beats lose pace in order to fit the new version of Simin Ghanem’s ”Gole Goldoon (Az to Tanha Shodam)”! Bahador has managed to put his lovely twist of NAIVISM/NATIVISM to the original sound, along with INDUSTRIAL elements! In fact, its more than likely that Bahador’s arrangement has been the inspirational source for Shani’s newly released version of the same song!

Next comes Bahador’s own original composition in ”Perfect World”, which tends to combine the TRIBAL elements of the BALEARIC flavour, with the happy mood off the German PARADE-TECHNO!! A very lovely INSTRUMENTAL piece!

The album closes with an instrumental version of ”Zemestoon”.

Bahador Kharazmi’s debut album manages to distinguish itself in mainly TWO ways:

1- by being the shining proof of the transcendental and powerful features of a phenomenon called the INTERNET! The story of an artist based in a closed community, finding an UNDERGROUND way to uncase artistic wings and showcase the talent in an international ARENA beyond restrictions, and thereby be able to reach out to thousands of music fans across the globe and eventually …the music industry, is no longer a fairytale!! But rather an inspiring and encouraging case for all the other ambitious and aspiring Iranian artists out there, working currently on an amateur level!

2- by developing and introducing an INNOVATIVE and GROUNDBREAKING style and sound that manage to nourish the much ailing Iranian DANCE MUSIC genre and helping it branching out and crossbreed in the relevant Western fields from inside Iran, while the LA-based artist community doesn’t even bother to attend to such imperative experimentations!

“Too in Zamoone” was despite its professional and commercial ”release”, originally recorded as an independent production by an Iran-based artist with limited recourses! Initially without any label backing him up …financially or technically! Keeping this fact in mind, one gets amazed over the quality and ambition the album manages to deliver! Having said this, I hope hearing much more of Bahador’s OWN compositions in his future collections, and of course more INSTRUMENTAL pieces, since his strength lies in his creativity in music making! In closing, “Too in Zamoone” is not only recommended to the fans of the Iranian DANCE MUSIC, but also to all those music fans with the ambition to endorse an alternative movement to the commercial/label-led music tradition currently dominating the Iranian market, while encouraging amateur and aspiring artists active in our growing world wide e-community …and of course the visionary members of the industry who dare to support them!

Review by: Pourya E.

Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be construed in that manner only! In other words they are not absolute!