Mansour- ”Divooneh”

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Mansour is one my absolute favourite artists, of all times!! He has a great and unique voice, a great sense for HIT-potentiality and, at the same time, quality! He also has a much appreciated ability to, while keeping his artistic and musical integrity intact, also renew and perfect his sound and style!!! The first time I saw this young artist performing, was nine years ago and his charismatic personality and qualitative music appealed to me in an amazing way!!!I immediately knew that this was not an one-HIT-wonder-artist and if this rock was cut in the right way, the diamond inside of it would shine eternally!!! Not to mention that the Iranian music-arena needed his presence very desperately!! And luckily this became the case. Mansour’s self-consciousness and ambitions have managed to safeguard his artistic integrity and talents, keep him on the right track and thereby create an ever-growing and well-deserved popularity, among many young Iranians around the world.

“Divooneh” is the seventh studio-album released by Mansour, beside his LIVE-album. As it has become a common tradition among many young artists today, Mansour too has advanced both as a producer and a songwriter. Otherwise, he has received help from the same crew that helped him to create his previous album “Zendegi…”. These artists are Paksima and Babak Roozbeh, as the two lyricists. And a composer/arranger gang compiled of artists like M. Cheshmazar, Brian Wayy, Fred Mirza and Mansour himself.

The journey starts with the song “Bezan Bereem”. If there is such a thing called “Iranian Road-Music”, this particular song will be a perfect example of it!! The child’s voice in the intro misleadingly says: “Hit the door”, but that’s not the theme of the song!!! This phrase is usually used to tell someone who has caused ill to leave one’s life. But this song rather asks the lover to drop and leave everything behind!!…Well everything except the asking lover him/herself! So I would rather say: “Let’s hit the Road!!”, instead!! This song is a very good and energetic take-off for an album!!! Very catchy!!! All the young rebelling lovers will love this track!!

The second song is the title-track of the album. “Divooneh” is another rebellion-song, with a neo-existentialistic and philosophical message hidden inside!! Who wants to stay mentally sober and sane, while the salvation of life lays in the irrationality and illogic of the life itself!! Sounds too heavy?!! Listen to this hyper-progressive and wonderful song, chant along and you’ll solve the mystery of life!!!

“Azize Delami” is the mass-appealing song of the album! It is a folklore-music-inspired song, with a slight Afghan-touch!! Everything about this song is simply perfect!! Well, except the length of it!! Its 2:59 minutes are outrageous, specially for such a great song!! Nice choir-section by the way!! A very nice dance-tune for the dance floors, but I should also give a serious WARNING for its “I-suddenly-got-an-urge-to-cuddle-DANGER”!(*LOL*)!

Have you caused a serious heart-break lately???!! Oh yeah!!?? Well my friends!! LOVE-Dr. Pourya has the best cure for it!! Dr. Mansour’s I-regret-my-mistake-so-forgive-me-please prescription, “Mano Bebakhsh”, along with one thousand yellow flowers should be ordered and delivered…Personally!!! …Very energetic!!

NOW!! A typical by-Cheshmazar-written and by-Cheshmazar-arranged HIT-song!! Following the same pattern as the previous album’s “Nazok Narenji”, “Bad Akhlagh” manages to criticise the “Eshveh-s” of some sheytoon-balaa-girls, while also declaring an own “a-sucker-for-Eshveh” addiction!! GHER-WARNING!!!

“Delam Faghat Toro Mikhad” is the sixth song of “Divooneh”. This is a dynamic and gorgeous TRANCE-fare!!! Excellent arrangement!!! We need much more of such fresh and well-produced tracks!!!

Now to my favourite song of the album, a TRANCE-ballad!! “Ghararemoon Yadet Nareh”, shows the acrobatic abilities of Mansour’s voice!!! Absolutely fabulous!! Much credits to Babak for the poetic frame of this amazing track!!!

And finally the mysterious song of the album, “Taraneh Bee Taraneh”!!! The creator of this melodious song lives in Iran and has decided to remain anonymous!!! Poetically very “Ghanbari-an”!! Very old-school!! WONDERFUL!!!

“Divoone” is already a big HIT with the fans around the world, and it sure is a great album!! But is has unfortunately a minor weakness, that the previous albums didn’t have!! “Divooneh” doesn’t really bring the listener anything new, beside the lyrics!!! Its composition and arrangements are recycled from the two previous albums, which themselves were two albums with own identities!! This album feels rather as an, although beautiful, but yet a sequel to “Zendegi”!! If this is a deliberate attempt by Mansour, than it really has succeeded! But if not, then I’d think that it should be because of his active engagement in the writing and production phases of the album! Something that is a common, and understandable, action committed by all the new producers. I think that it is great that Mansour has been more active in producing, but he should be more cautious of over-using the same formulas, how successful they might be! Over-using tends to weaken any colourful recipe, to the extent of transparency! It is much appreciated that Mansour has taken the very important and much needed step of establishing a tradition of “annual-release-of-albums”, but it shouldn’t be hastily done!!! Otherwise, Mansour has with this album, once again proved that he truly deserves the IDOL-status that he has been given by his loyal fans!!!
To all those who haven’t already got this BOMBASTIC album: GET IT NOW!!! “Divooneh” will surely drive you crazy!! But in a great way…in a Mansour-kind-of-way!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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