Pyruz - “Fardaayi Behtar”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2004 (1383)

He is back! The man who sat the trend for the SAMURAI-ponytail a decade before David Beckham did! Pyruz is back with his third solo-album entitled “Fardaayi Behtar”. As many of you might know by now, an early version of this album leaked out on the internet and has been (illegally) available online for over a year now! The official version of the album, however, holds eight tracks featuring beside Pyruz’ own creations, collaborations with Ara, Paksima, Mahin Abadani, Kayanoush, Shahrdad Zand, Fred Mirza, Farzin Farhadi and Victor RC and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc..

“A Better Tomorrow” is a positive and uplifting LATIN POP-fare, opening the album as a typical bilingual Pyruz song with Persian/English lyrics. An energetic and conventional album blaster, where the CONGAS wont let you stand still!!

To tap on the 6/8-sound comes “Setaare Baaroon”. Another typical Pyruz song, with references to the days in the BLACK CATS! Nice energising beat!

The pace drops down to the mid-level for the Andalusian-influenced “Faryaade Eshgh” to be born! A caressing and melodic tune, with the accompanying accordion.

Hey girls! …Get ready!! the man is coming to ask for your hand! “Khaastegaari” continues the album’s tradition as a nostalgic and melodious track! “Begoo begoo ey Gol begoo…” sounds familiar? The ELECTRO flare of this song is as unavoidable as it was in the previous tracks!

“Be To Fekr Mikonam” is a fast paced LATIN/HI-NRG fare with a shallow TRANCE facade! This is one of my personal favourite songs from the album, because of its more innovative arrangements!

“Reason” is a mellow and beautiful ballad with subtle LATIN-influences and also melodic references to Eagles’ “Hotel California“! One of the BEST English songs preformed by an Iranian artist, I must say!

Farzin Farhadi’s dreamy “Atre Alafzaar” arrives as a SMOOTH-JAZZ ballad from the meadows, dewy and sweet-scented! This is a lovely duet between Pyruz and someone who’s more than familiar with this particular setting! A Lady whose ANGELIC voice always caresses my soul, no matter where I am or what I’m doing! Shahrzad Sepanlou is nowadays a beautiful mother and happily busy with her cute little Leily, but I hope and KNOW that she is still equally (perhaps even more than before) devoted to the music!

Unlike its conventional start, “Fardaayi Behtar” closes unconventionally with another UP-BEAT and energetic fare! “Wish You Well” is a Shahram Shabpareh inspired track with bilingual lyrics referring to several classic songs: “I need You, …Mesle maahi be daryaa”!

“Fardaayi Behtar” is a typical Pyruz album! Pyruz has with this one not only halted the TRANCE/TECHNO experimentations he once started in his previous album, but he has also gone back and continued on the HARD-LINE tradition of his Black Cats-flavoured LATIN POP with a twist of the 80s OLD-SCHOOL POP a la Shahram Shabpareh! In fact, the heavy influences of the Shabpareh bros’ sounds (Shahram’s in particular) on Pyruz music, have been and still are more than tangible! “Fardaayi Behtar” is really GOOD! It is UPLIFTING and ENERGETIC! but this is also as good as this particular brand of POP can get! Means that Pyruz has managed to deliver an excellent specimen of his “old household flavour“, and it will most likely appeal to the broad public (although the late release of the official album, might prevent it to become a commercial success)! But for the next album he simply has to attend to some serious “innovative updating“, in order to prevent his flavour to get washed-out and outdated! And some more creativity in the packaging and aesthetic presentation of the album is more than imperative, since “Fardaayi Behtar” features one of the least attractive cover designs I’ve ever seen on an Iranian “POP-album“!

Taraneh Enterprises Inc. is now, with both Afshin’s and Pyruz’ albums out on the market, privileged enough to conduct a comparative case-study about the release and commercial success of “leaked-out albums“: to react fast, releasing the album within a few months or does it pay off to wait an entire year!?

Review by: Pourya E.

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