Mehdi Moghadam - “Khoonsard”

Navaaye Raameshe (Iran)
2004 (1383)

One of the latest releases from Iran is entitled “Khoonsard” and is preformed by Mehdi Moghadam. “Khoonsard” is entirely composed and arranged by Payam Shams and features lyrics by Mahdiyeh Arab, Mohsen Faraji, Soheila Asadi and Bamdad Jouybari. The album holds 8 tracks and is released on Navaaye Raameshe.

The album opens with a GREAT 6/8 song entitled “Doroughnagoo”. Not only does Mehdi’s voice remind of Siavash Shams‘, but the song too is a nostalgic melange, reminiscent of the BANDARI-inspired sound of the 80s. And Shahram Shabpareh’s songs in particular. A very impressively COHERENT song, I must say! Well done!

“Khoonsard” begins very similar too Leila Forouhar’s “Eshghe Taaze”. The title-song is kind of slow throughout the verses but flourishes amid the chorus, and what a CATCHY chorus it is! This time, the sound of the 70s with the relevant arrangement and pinch of ARABESQUE-spices! Another perfect use of AUTO-TUNE! Again, …WELL DONE!

Next comes an EPIC/HARMONY EURO-NRG song with Eastern/Asian influences a la KITARO imbedded! At times the harmony twist takes detours back to the ISHAN-sound! In fact, every portion of this particular song reminds of some other (Iranian/international) song! “Delam az to Mikhoone” enjoys a very lovely and typical ARIAN-ian choir and a touch of the “do bop” of the 50s/60s.

Again, back to the 80s and this time with a different twist of ROCK-n-ROLL along with a bunch of ethnic (mainly JONOOBI) influences! Everything I said about the previous songs applies to this rocky song too…entitled “Begoo Chishode Azizam“!

“Aakhare Ghesse” is an old-school ARABESQUE jam, reminiscent of the 70s. And when I say OLD-SCHOOL I mean precisely that, and NOT the “traditional” sound! Provides a perfect setting for the seductive BELLY-DANCER!

OLEEEEEEEE!!!! And the ANDALUSIAN-inspired “Rooye Labe Paare-Paare (Hamdam)” kicks of with a STRONG leaning towards the 70s and the Golden decade’s harmonious POP!

A gorgeous BLUES-inspired BALLAD comes to accompany the lovers to the dance-floor for THAT special dance! …amorous secrets are about to be exchanged, so let us not disturb the magical ambience created by “Shab Shod“! Mehdi’s wailing in the background sounds identical too Siavash Shams‘!

“Khoonsard” ends with a very lovely “MIX” of the ensemble!

WOOOOOOW!! What an album! This is one of those rare cases when you start to listen to an album without any kind of expectation on the content and the debuting artist in question! But before you know it, you’ve been swept away by the amazing charm of what you’re listening to! “Khoonsard” is, just like how it is entitled in English, a very COOOOOL album! There is not a single weak song on this album. Its not that often one hears an album packed with balanced and quality material. In fact, I would describe Mehdi’s “Khoonsard” as the YOUNGER brother of Fereydoun’s “Gharibe”! Naturally MUCH livelier and less mature, but still equally WELL-PRODUCED. Mehdi’s impressing voice is a remarkable crossing between Siavash Shams and Ali Pahlevan (ARIAN), and oscillates between these two nuances just perfectly. “Khoonsard” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to the fans of the RETRO POP-music in particular. I’ve said it a couple of times by now, but Mehdi and the crew deserve to hear it at least one more time: …WELL DONE!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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